Ancient Tamil Life Expectancy 100 Ptolemy 100 BC

The effirts of Historians to deny the antiquity of India and Tamil are debunked when one reads the Books by Western authors .

Attempts to place Indian texts to dates as close to Christian Era are being met with contrary evidence.

Tamil is generously (!) Dated as 2000 years old.

Even Sangam literature is placed at 300BC or even at 800 AD!

This despite the fact,

Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu is dated 11000 years ago by archeological finds,

Roman colony in Madurai is dated 300 BC

A million year old Tamil site being found near Chennai

I can go on adding.

I have written on the antiquity of Tamil and Sanatana Dharma,Vedas.

The former under ‘Tamil’ category and others under ‘Hinduism’

Tamil kings of yore annexed kingdoms from around the world and they had thriving Naval trade with foreign countries like Greece,Rome.

Roman coins were found near Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

Greek hisorian records that the port of Hipporus on the coast of Sri Lanka was ruled by Tamil King.

A traveler from Rome reached the port through Arabia and leant Tamil.

This was in 70BC!

“Annius Plocamus, a freedman, having farmed the customs of the Red Sea, was, while sailing along the coast of Arabia over fifteen days, driven by contrary winds into Hippuros, a port of Taprobane, where he was entertained with kindly hospitality by the king. In six months’ time he acquired a thorough knowledge of the Tamil language.”

Taprobane is River Tambrabarani,which flows in southern Tamil Nadu even today.

This river flowed about 200 million years ago in. Lemuria.

An embassy of four envoys were sent from the island to Rome, including ambassador-in-chief Rasaiah from the King of Kudiramalai. To the Romans, the Kudiramalai envoys related particulars about their kingdom’s inhabitants, including their common life expectancy of 100 years, their government, a council of thirty persons, free civil liberties and laws pertaining to abuse of sovereign power, their trade with the Seres (Chinese), their festivals surrounding “the chase”, and their delights in the elephant and the tiger. The ambassadors felt their kingdom to be richer than Rome’s, although in their eyes Rome put its wealth to much better use.

-Periplus of the Erythraean Sea

Kudiramalai is now in Sri Lanka.

In earlier times it was a part of Tamils in Lemuria.


On the Gulf of Mannar near Silavaturai, the town shares a history with nearby Karaitivu Island, the ancient port town of Mannar and the Ketheeswaram temple. Kudiramalai is the northernmost point of Puttalam District and was a southern port of Mannar during the classical period, serving the northern kingdoms of the Jaffna Peninsula and Vanni country as one of their southernmost border towns. It is west of Vanni from Trincomalee, home of Koneswaram temple.

Rulers included Alli Raani, Korran, his father (Pittan) and contemporaries, Athiyamān Nedumān Añci and his son Kumanan. Traders brought several horses on watercraft to the island during the Sangam period. The port was known as Hippuros by the ancient Greeks, and was mentioned in Ptolemy’s Periplus of the Erythraean Sea. Archaeological excavations have found that Kudiramalai was inhabited from the first century BCE to the seventh century CE.

Sources and references.

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