Character Formation Causes Bhagavatham Genetics Environment

Modern science is trying to resolve the issue of what determines one’s Personality.

That it is yet to finalise on what Personality is a different matter.

Science is trying to attribute Genetics or the environment as a factor for the development of Personality ,Character.

Some are of the opinion that Genes are responsible for one’s behaviour and character,some Environment and yet others a combination of both.

Contrary to what many think ,Hinduism is not merely a collection of Slokas,mantras and Realization of Self.

Hinduism,unlike other Religion does not shun daily,practical Life.

It states the worldly duties are a part of spiritual evolution.

One may notice that all religious practices of Hindus involve physical elements.

Character,according to Hinduism, is not mereley an amagamation,aggregate of Traits but includes dispositions as well.

That is the tendency to act in a particular fashion.

Every human being is unique and it is not possible to stereotypes.

Again one’s disposition or action,moods do not remain the same at all times.

It keeps changing.

Without stereotyping, Hinduism classifies these Dispositions into Three.

Sathva,the Calm,Discerning,learned and cheeful,

Rajas,Dynamic,Emotional,active and optimistic and

Tamas,Static,Lazy,uninterested,pessimistic and doubtful.

I have written in detail on this.

The Gunas,Dispositions urge one to act and are responsible for one’s Behaviour.

Lord Krishna deals with this issue in the Bhagavad Gita and in finer detail in the 14th Chaper,Gunatgraya Vibhaaga Yoga,the art of Three Gunas.

Shall write in detail later.

Now how are these Gunas develop?

While the origin of the Gunas is because of Nature,Prakriti,not much detail is found in texts, save in Srimad Bhagavatham.

For Disposition to develop these are the Factors,Causes.

  1. Water. What one drinks,especially water influences one’s disposition.( Environment)
  2. Place of Birth is a factor that decide one’s Attitudes.( Genetics)
  3. Time of Birth,which influences ones character.( Environment)
  4. Actions performed determine Gunas.( Genetics and Environment)
  5. Thoughts affect Character.( Genetics and Environment)
  6. Pedigree,from whom one is born is another factor.(Genetics)
  7. Rules of Good Behaviour.(Environment)
  8. Time of Performing Actions,(Environment)
  9. Carrying out Laid down,the Samskaras ( 40) ( Environment)
  10. Japa,the regular practice of intoning and Children.( Genetics and Environment)

āgamo ‘paḥ prajā deśaḥ kālaḥ karma ca janma ca dhyānaṁ mantro ‘tha saṁskāro daśaite guṇa-hetavaḥ’

Srimad Bhagavatha, 11/13/4.

‘āgamaḥ—religious scriptures; apaḥ—water; prajāḥ—association with people in general or one’s children; deśaḥ—place; kālaḥ—time; karma—activities; ca—also; janma—birth; ca—also; dhyānam—meditation; mantraḥ—chanting of mantras; atha—and; saṁskāraḥ—rituals for purification; daśa—ten; ete—these; guṇa—of the modes of nature; hetavaḥ-causes..

According to the quality of religious scriptures, water, one’s association with one’s children or with people in general, the particular place, the time, activities, birth, meditation, chanting of mantras, and purificatory rituals, the modes of nature become differently prominent.

( translation source. )

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