Character Formation Causes Bhagavatham Genetics Environment

Hinduism,unlike other Religion does not shun daily,practical Life.

It states the worldly duties are a part of spiritual evolution.

One may notice that all religious practices of Hindus involve physical elements.

Character,according to Hinduism, is not mereley an amagamation,aggregate of Traits but includes dispositions as well.

Students have to Fail to be Successful?

The present Educational System places stress only on scoring marks in a chosen subject, which generally is thrust upon the students. This process begins at an early age when the child is not capable of making choices. Parents, bowing to their peer pressure,places the child in a stream which they think will be good for it-mostly economic success of the child.…… Continue reading Students have to Fail to be Successful?

Are They Students? Or ‘Customers’?

Imparting knowledge is beyond the classification of service.It is the welfare of the students a real teacher is looking at.Education means’culling out’-getting the best out of the individuals.We have strayed too far from the definition of Education.What we teach or cram is information, not knowledge.No effort is tsken to build character,mental strength, spiritual upliftment,emotional stability.Real education must be built on this fulcrum with information which we impart now as an add on.

Information can be sold not education.Education must shape life not mere career.

Under the present system of education, teacher student relation ship is that of a consumer and and the supplier.Till such time we impart wisdom and have Teachers who are selfless and students after knowledge as against career options, the relationship shall remain as between supplier and consumer.This is the Reality.

Police catch parents buying booze for Gold Coast Schoolies-CourierMail , Australia.

Drinking for any reason whatsoever is not good.Families are ruined because of Drinking.
Many take shelter under the argument that social drinking is good for it improves their business contacts and non drinkers are not accepted in the elite group.Those who drink are not elite but irresponsible people,at least in terms of health and and their families.
Others say it is good for health citing few researches.But there are other ways to improve health including taking healthy food and and going to bed early.
If parents, under the illusion of giving freedom to children, encourage drinking, are ruining their children and their families.