Shut Down Background Applications Mind Yoga Sutra 1.35

Patanjali, in the earlier Yoga Sutra, 1.34,informed how Concentration on the Reality help one to remove negative thoughts and confusion.

Now in Yoga Sutra talks about how concentration on One Reality brings extraordinary benefits.

Our mind is bombarded constantly with a lot of information at the same time through our sense organs.

However we pay attention only some of them.

This depends on our interest,disposition and the need of the hour.

One can observe this at any time.

However the information,Stimulii,which we have chosen to ignore,do not really go away.

They run in the background in our minds,much like the Andriod Applications that run in the background even when the screen is off.

In Android, you can force them to stop by going to your settings.

Similarly,you can shut down unwanted information from clogging your Mind by going to your Mind Settings and Activate ‘Concentrate’

Any Communication needs three factors.

The Subject,who observes,

The Object,that which is Observed, and

A Relationship between the two,the Observer and the Observed.

In jargon, it is called Subject,Object Relationship, SOR.

If there is an Object around you and you choose not to notice it, it does not enter ino your Mind.

As human mind has numerous thoughts,one has to stop them step by step.

You can not shut down every thought at a stretch.

Concentrate on One,it might be anything.

At the initial stages,you will be aware that you are observing ‘X” and the objects surrounding it.

Next as you advance,you shall be aware of the Object ‘X’ and will not be aware of the other Objects surrounding it.

The First one is Dhyana.

The second one is Dharana.

The third step is when you are not aware that you are Observing and that there is something you have been Observing(X).

This stage is Samadhi,as explained in Yoga.

The benefits that accrue because of Concentration are numerous.

It removes Confusion,Indecisiveness,makes you alert,enables to think with Clarity,view and evaluate things objectively,and tones up your mental system.

Yaga sutra 1.35 .image
Yoga Sutra in Devanagari 1.35

(vishayavati va pravritti utpanna manasah sthiti nibandhani

Those forms of concentration that bring extraordinary .



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