5000 Years Reclining Vishnu Temple Under Sea In Bali

I have written on the temples in India and abroad.

I have been concentrating on temples over 500 years old,with unique properties,astronomical,global alignment,temples abroad where they had no right to be if we go by history,as the Natural Temple of Vishnu in Colorado and the quadrilateral temple of Shiva.

And I have written on mystic temples ,India which cure diseases like the Virupaksha temple in Mulabagal, Karnataka ,which has a Shiva linga that changes color and offers relief to Autism and personality disorders.

Now I am providing information on an unique Vishnu temple in Bali.

Bali, as I had written earlier,was founded by Mahabali,grandson of Prahlada was a seat of Sanatana Dharma in the far east.

Bali has Catur Veda,the Four Vedas of India called thus.

It also has a Brahmin village.

The fact that Rama’s Kingdom extended throughout the world, Sugreeve directing his army in search of Sita. to all parts of the world by geographical references with annotation to Hindu sounding names,Krishna’s son Pradhyumna had a city built-in Russia, Lahore being founded by Rama’s son Lava, , Korean Queen from Ayodhya….and more references made me curious.

And there is Chatur varna in Bali!..

Banjar Saren Jawa.

‘Residents of the Muslim-majority neighborhood of Saren Jawa in Karangasem started Idul Fitri by sending gifts of hot meals and traditional cakes to their Hindu neighbors.

Saren Jawa, a collection of 125 households, is part of Budakeling,  an ancient Brahmin village with a Hindu majority that is also home to some of the island’s most revered Buddhists priests and literary figures well versed in Kawi and ancient texts.

Brahmin Village in Bali

There is an underground Vishnu Temple in Bali ,it is under the sea.

It is at least 5000 year old.

The mystery of the alleged discovery of an impressive underwater temple off Bali’s coast has been solved — the “temple” was built as part of a recent environmental conservation program.

Paul M Turley, the owner of Sea Rovers Dive Center in Pemuteran, Bali, told the Jakarta Globe that the temple site did in fact exist but that the location, named Taman Pura (Temple Garden) was created five years ago.

Consisting of ten statues and a temple structure, the project was in addition to a number of bio-wreck dive sites and a Reef Gardiners reef conservation project funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid).

Jakarta-based Internet news portals and television stations have been running stories of the alleged archeological discovery, prompting Surya Helmi, director of undersea archeological division at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, to promise a full investigation.

A brochure from Reef Gardiners said the site was “somewhat of an engineering feat” with more than ten large stone statues resting on stone plinths and a four-meter-tall temple gateway that had been lowered to a depth of 29 meters.

“The ‘garden’ is covered in gorgonian fans and must be seen to be believed,” the pamphlet read.

“In 2006, a second stage to these temples was constructed at a depth of 15 meters to allow less experienced divers to be able to dive the location.”

‘Pemuteran is a small coastal village in a town of Bali, 50 kilometers west of Singaraja, Indonesia. Beneath the surface of its calm waters lies the underwater Balinese Hindu temple with a majestic split gate (temple structure) and statues of mythological creatures. However, as suggested in the story, the temple is not something ancient that was discovered underwater. It was in fact built on purpose in 2005 as part of the “Reef Gardener” community project, as an environmental conservation program. A brochure from Reef Gardiners said the site was “somewhat of an engineering feat”. The location named as Taman Pura (Temple Garden) was an idea of Chris Brown (affectionately called Pak Nyoman), an Australian who has been dedicated to conserving the natural beauty of Pemuteran village and the well-being of its people.’

The information about the temple is not a hoax but a fact.

Source. http://www.hoaxorfact.com/History/ancient-hindu-temple-in-the-middle-of-deep-sea-bali-facts.html

Sources and citation.



3 responses to “5000 Years Reclining Vishnu Temple Under Sea In Bali”

  1. That Truly is a great find in the right direction!
    More will turn up, if for nothing else, but to Prove to the KAFIRS [ NON-BELIEVERS ]; That, whatever our Ancient Texts say, are not stories out of some mad-caps imagination; BUT HARD FACTS of THINGS which were there on this Earth AND are ACTUAL History of our PAST!

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