I have written articles on the findings that the ancestors of the Aborigine of Australia could have been of Indian Origin.

The Aborigines perform the Trinetra Dance of Shiva and have wear Hindu religious marks even today.Newzealand has close connections with Sage Kasyapa.

ancient Bell with Tamil Inscription


The Tamil Bell is a broken bronze bell discovered in approximately 1836 by missionary William Colenso. It was being used as a pot to boil potatoes by Māori women near Whangarei in the Northland Region of New Zealand.

The bell is 13 cm long and 9 cm deep, and has an inscription. The inscription running around the rim of the bell has been identified as old Tamil. Translated, it says “Muhayideen Baksh’s ship’s bell”. Some of the characters in the inscription are of an archaic form no longer seen in modern Tamil script, thus suggesting that the bell could be about 500 years old, possibly from the Later Pandya .

Indologist V. R. Ramachandra Dikshitar states in his The Origin and Spread of the Tamils that ancient Tamil sea-farers might have had a knowledge of Australia and Polynesia.[2] The discovery of the bell has led to speculation about a possible Tamil presence in New Zealand, but the bell ‘is not in itself proof of early Tamil contact with New Zealand’.Seafarers from Trincomalee may have reached New Zealand during the period of increased trade between the Vanni country and South East Asia. The bell might have been dropped off the shore by a Portuguese ship, whose sailors had been in touch with the Indians.Also, a number of Indian vessels had been captured by the Europeans during the period; thus, another possibility is that the bell might have belonged to a such a wrecked vessel, cast away on the New Zealand shores.

Some opine that the Tamils spread to Australia fro Lemuria.

One finds many Tamil Words like Mutti(knee), Minnal(lightening),Mahavu(child)Neeru( symbol of Vibhuthi worn by the worshippers.

Ancient Tamil Grammar work Tholkaapiyam mentions Neernai and Kaarannam,animals/birds.

These are found in Australia.

And there is the practice of Valaithadi which was worshiped by the Mukkulatthor of Tamil Nadu.

Valaithadi means curved stick.

This would return to the sender after hitting the target.

Use of this was banned by the British after they arrested the Maruthu brothers, the chueftains of Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu.

This is what is called as Boomerang that is used by the Aborigines in Australia.

Taking into account the presence of Daksha ib Antarctic, presence of Kasyapa and Manu in New Zealand, the Trinetra Dance of Shiva among the Aborigines it indicates Tamil presence in Australia and New Zealand long back.

During the second Tamil Sangam AGE Sri Maravarma established his Kingdom in Vietnam and much earlier Camodia was conquered by the Tamil Kings.

And Lord Rama waged a War against the Atlanteans in support of the Lemurians , His army met the Atlanteans at Rishi Valley Pakistan and defeated the Atlantean forces.

In the process

An atom bomb was dropped in Harapa and the evidence  may be found among the ruins of Harappa.

Please read my articles on all these aspects and the Evidence of Tamil site of a Million years near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Also the fact that  Tamil Chera king and Goddess Meenakshi,s father Malayathdwaja Pandya took part in the Mahabharata War.

And Lod Krishna and Arjuna married Pandyan Princesses.

And a Korean Princess was from Ayodhya.

Considering the Lemuria connection this might have been 30000 years ago.

Citation and references.



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