Mantras For Japa Procedure

1.Chanting openly, this is described as the least effective, one is advised not to follow this,

2.Chanting by moving the lips with no sound emanating.

3.Do the Japa mentally.This is highly recommended and is most effective.

4.Select any Mantra or Name of God, preferably that given to you by your Guru, and repeat it from 108 to 1,080 times daily .

5. Always keep your Guru-Mantra a secret.

6.Take a bath , perform Sanshyavandan before doing Japa.

7. The early morning period (Brahmamuhurta) and dusk is the most favourable time for Japa and meditation.

Meaning Of ‘Namaha’ Hinduism

How does one translate Laughter or the cry of a Child?

Misplaced enthusiasm results in bizarre translations.

In Tamil, Namaha नमः)” is translated as ‘Potri’ போற்றி.

Translated into English , this means ‘I Praise!”

Translation of Tamil Mantras like Tiruppukazh will result in the same absurdity.

Mahamantras are to be used and chanted in the Language in which they have been presented by ancient Seers.

They are not words but mystically locked Sounds by the Devata, Adhi Devatha and the Rishi of the Mantra.

To prevent elements from disturbing the concentration one performs Anganyaasa, Karanyaasa and Dikh Banhana.

Navagrahas In One Prayer,Gayatri Mantras

Navagarhas are like sign posts, they foretell of things.

By praying them one would derive strength to tide over the problem with God’s Grace.

There are Navagraha Mantras for each Graha(planet).There are two Slokas which delivers the result of worshiping all the Grahas.

In the following slokas, all the Grahas are worshiped in one sloka.

Choose any one of them and recite them 108 times daily.

Mantra For Estranged Couple Strained Relatioship

Many relationships turn sour because of some words uttered in a moment of uncontrolled emotions and this at times leads to serious consequences.

Some may result in the Couple being estranged.

This is because the Savitri in the tongue releases word from the Mind unchecked as words, Sarsvathi.

This has many reasons.

I touched upon this in a Post on Savitri.

After the words are out, one follows another and estrangement might result.

Though both the parties want to unite some thing blocks them.

Today they call it Ego.

Merely naming it as Ego does not solve your problem.

Here are some slokas.

Begin on a Sukla Paksha Chaturthi(4th Day of the waxing Moon) or the sixth day (Shasti) and continue it for 45 days.

Mantras To Overcome Fear Mental Disturbance

I am providing some Mantras for relief from mental disturbances, including Schizophrenia,Alzheimer’s,Deep depression,Melancholia, Cancer,Life threatening diseases and Possession from evil spirits.

Some might why I have included possession by Evil Spirits in this category.

The answer is I have seen this personally.

While none could cure it, including famous psychiatrists, these Mantras have cured.

I have discussed this issue with many psychiatrists and Nero Physicians.

Their answer is’ I do not know’

Recite any of these Mantras for 45 Days, begin on the sixth day of the waxing Moon, Sukla Paksha, early in the morning, Naivedya, Sakkarai Pongal.

On the day of completion feed one poor man or woman and if you can afford give them Clothes.