Bala AdiBala Mantras Viswamitra To Lord Ram

The mantra is not a a text written or assembled by some people to propagate a religion to sustain an Empire,

It was revealed to Humanity to the deserved.

For the deserving this will be from a Guru who will initiate this.

As practiced with out a Guru, Yama Niyama and Sandhyavandana, it will remain a text.

Not meant for self style rationalists and egotistic academicians.

I have provided from three different sources for authenticity and easy readability and download,

balaatibalayoh viraat purusha rishih |

gaayatrii devataa | gaayatrii chandah |
akaara okaaramakaaraa biijaadyaah |

Hindu Religious Rite,Sandhya Vandanam Explained.

Sandhya Vandana -Sandhya,Vandana means”praying when day meets night’. This happens twice a Day. -When Day Meets Night,Sun Rise -Night Meets Day,Sunset In addition, two equal divisions of Day meet,Noon. The Smritis, Texts to be followed by the Hindus for their Religious Rites, enjoins one to perform this Rite thrice a Day. Sandhya Vandana Part I Timings: Early Morning, just before Sunrise.…… Continue reading Hindu Religious Rite,Sandhya Vandanam Explained.