How Many Letters In Gayatri Mantra Shankaracharaya

I have delivered a Lecture in Chennai on Vedic Hinduism,Quantum Theory and Gayatri Mantra and its   relevance in unlocking the Secrets of the Universe, on the occasion of the release     of the Book ‘Downloading Nature’s Secret from Akasa to The Quantum Vacuum Field’.   A detailed post on this follows.   After…… Continue reading How Many Letters In Gayatri Mantra Shankaracharaya

Sri Vidya Mantra Tantra Vidyas Sources Details

Sri Vidya is that which grants Knowledge and Prosperity or Knowledge of Prosperity.

As Knowledge that liberates the Soul it has no equal.

The special feature is that it grants both prosperity and Liberation n the after Life, nay, Liberates one from the cycle of births and deaths.

In two short phrases Lalitha Sahasranama describes Goddess Lalitha as .Bhaktha Sowbhagyadhaayini’

One who grants every thing for the welfare of Her Devotees.

She is The Universal Mother.

The Lalitha Sahasranama begins addressing the Goddess as The Mother , Mother of Prosperity,

“Sri Matha, Maharajne’

As Knowledge of Prosperity Sri Vidya it gives scope for prosperity in this world through Saguna Upasana and for Beyond by Nirguna Uapasana.

Sri Vidya combines Gnana, Bhakti, Karma and Raja Yoga and synthesizes them in one format.

It also provides for Dualism,Dwaita and Advaita in worship.

As a Devotee if one worshps the Devi as different from the Self, it becomes Dwaita.

When Sri Vidya is practiced as the raising of Kundalini through the Chakra in the Human Body it becomes Yoga.

In Kunḍalini yoga, one realizes divine consciousness through the activation of the hidden energy of Kunḍalini.

There are six centers (cakras) in the spinal channel. Kunḍalini is said to be initially coiled up at mulādhara.

She is the Mother. She passes through these six from mulādhara at the bottom of spine to ajna at the forehead, then to the crown of the head (sahasrāra) where individual consciousness fully unites with cosmic consciousness.

When you concentrate on the Unity of Shiva and Shakti, it Unites Shaiva and Shakta.(Aikyaanusnathaanam)

When one meditates on the Devi as an expression of the Universal Self, Brahman, it is Advaita.

As the mantras are mystically locked, it is Mantra Shastra.

Prayer For Court Financial Problems

A Reader had sent an email asking me for mantras for relief from a Court Case and relief from financial harassment, ruination .

If the facts of the case presented are true, then the following Mantra will certainly alleviate the problem.

The sloka I am reproducing below is a very rare one as it is by Sri Rudra on Lord Narasimha.

I am not aware of any other Deity being praised by Rudra,( not Siva)

This Mantra is called as the King of Mantra , Mantra Rajapatham.

Begin reciting the mantra on any waxing day of the Moon’ preferably on the fourth day,Chaturthi , in the morning.

If you know Ganpathy Mantras recite a few of them, at least one.

Then recite the following mantra, Eleven Times a day for 45 days.

As Naivedyam, offer freshly cooked Curd rice.

Place Of Water In Hinduism Mantra Pushpam

Hinduism accord the highest respect for the Elements of Nature, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether,Prithivi,Appu,Theyu, Vayu and Aakasa. Water is Sustains Life. Water transmits mantra Power by carrying the Blessing and Curse. Hinduism lays down that water is not to be kicked/splashed at Will. It has to be given respect. There are rules for…… Continue reading Place Of Water In Hinduism Mantra Pushpam

Sacred Repetition Japa Removes Obstacles Yoga Sutra 29

In the last two Sutras Patanjali spoke of the Pranava, OM, and the need to concentrate on this.

As I posted earlier all the sounds originate from three places in the human body, Mouth,a-Throat ,u and from the pit of the stomach M.

From the se sounds came words and language,

Language, nay sounds exist with a corresponding image.

When a sound is made an image flashes in or mind.

At times we may not be able to identify these images.

It is wisdom of the Vedas that there is NO Sound without a corresponding image.

The images we do not recognize are those that spring from our unconscious which is Universal Consciousness.

The Mantras and the Japas of these Mantras help one to unleash the human potential.

Words and their meanings can not be separated.

So much so the Great Poet Dramatist Kalidasa opens his Raghuvamsa with this sloka,

वागर्थाविव संपृक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तये|
जगतः पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ||

–> I salute the parents of the world, Parvati and Parameswara, who are inseparable like the “vAk” (word) and “artha”(its meaning); to gain expertise in the right understanding of the words and their meanings.”