Who Are Visvedevas Of Hinduism

There is a view that there 33 Crore Devas in Hinduism.

Another view is that they are 33.

Please read my post on this under Hinduism.

There are references to Visvedevas in Mantras as in

‘Visvedevan Tharpayami’_ Brahmayagnya.

Who are these Visvedevas?

One view is that this term refers to all the Devas together.

Secret Of Shiva Aksharas Dakshinamurthy Upanishad

here are two kinds of Gurus.

These are embodied in the two Murthis.

One is Lord Krishna who explains everything logically by lengthy discussions.

The other One is quiet, conveys the message by Silence,

Krishna declares in the Bhagavad Gita,

“of Languages I am Silence’

The Brahman is the embodiment of silence and tranquility.

Mantras Types Procedure Anushtana Details

The dark Yellowish tinge of water kept in a brass vessel before the person afflicted with Jaundice slowly turned its color.

When the water comes colorless, after some days of this procedure, you are declared cured and that’s it.

There ae thee types of mantras.

1.Mantra as a Part of Bhakthi Yoga.

One is devoted toa particular Deity.

To worship a Deity a Mantra is chanted .

Gayatri Mantra Incorrect ?

Gayatri Mantra, I was asked earlier, seems to be incorrect, as it contained the 24 letters as it is known to contain.

I have written a detailed article on this and explained how this view is incorrect.

Now based on Sanskrit Grammar, both old and Classical, an article has appeared and has gained wide acceptability.

It states that the Gayatri Mantra, as is being practised to day violates the Chandas or loosely translated as Prosody.

Chandas is a Metre.

Gayatri is more of a Metre than mere mantra text.

Rishis Definition Five Types Details

“Rishi Darsanaath?’-Yakasha in his Niruktam 2.11

One who has seen Mantras (Mantra Drishtaa)

Rishi is one who can see with superior vision what others cannot.

Mantras, the mystically locked sounds are those that express an aspect of Reality.

Some Mantras the Reality itself, Gayatri Mantra.

These Mantras were grasped from the Ether by some people, who follow spiritual discipline.

These were grasped intuitively, ‘Seen’

‘Rishati jnaanEna samsaarapaaram’ -Paninini in Vachaspatikosam.

‘one who crosses and reaches the other shore of the Sea of Samsara’

The purpose of Life, according to Hinduism , is to transcend the cycle of Births and Deaths, Samsara.