Sudarsana Sahasranama Gayatri for Mental Illness

One of the important temples of Sudarshana is in Sriranagam Ranganatha Swamy Temple, SriRangam.

Most famous Mantra of Sudarshana is Sudharnana Ashtakam by Swami Desikan of which most are familiar.

But what is not very well known is the Sudashana Sahasranama(1000 Names) of Sudarshana.

Here it is.

Mental Tension Relief Mantra Mrita Sanjivini Mantra

We hear the words ‘Stress,Mental Tension’ often these days.

People are overtly concerned about this issue.

I am of the opinion that this is an unwanted concept imported from the west and is being used daily by every one to such an extent ,I have recently

found out that even a five-year old was saying that he is under tension.

My view is that it is a part of the body mechanism to survive and one need not be concerned about this.

On its own this stress or tension is productive if you do not dwell on it.

Start analyzing it you become miserable.

This is a mental condition reinforced by constantly thinking about it.

This process harms your physical and mental health and may even shorten your Life.

Ignore it, proceed with what you have been doing and enjoying.

This needs Practice and mental toughness.

However there are mantras for this in Hinduism .

Though this Mantra is not specifically meant for this, it is very powerful.

The Mantra brings in Peace, relieves Stress and prevents untimely death.

It also brings in wealth and power.

This Mantra was initially known only to Sukracharya, the Asura Guru.

The Devas got it by subterfuge from him by using Kacha, the son of his arch rival and Deva Guru, Bruhaspati .

This mantra was used to raise the Dead.

This was used by Sage Agastya to wake up Laksmana when he was struck with Mohasnastra by Inderjith in the Ramayana.

Mohanastra creates mental confusion and makes one lose Consciousness.

The physical Herb equivalent to this Mantra is Sanjivni, which Lord Anjaneya brought to revive Lakshmana.

For relief from Stress mental tension, Confusion and for better Health chant this mantra 108 times a day for 45 days.

For Self Realization, chant this Mantra One lakh(100000) times spread over 45 days.The

சமகம் 2 அர்த்தம் பொழிப்புரை

ஜைஷ்ட்யம் -மேன்மையும் ,

ஆதிபத்யம்-தலைமைத் திறனும்,

மன்யு :உட்பகைகளுடன் கோபமும் ,

பாம:-வெளிப்பகைகளிடம் கோபமும் ,

அம”ஆழமான மனமும் ,

அம்ப;குளிர்ந்த நீரும் ,

ஜேமா-வெற்றி கொள்ளும் திறனும் ,

மஹிமா-வெற்றியால் வெற்றியால் விளையும் பெருமையும் ,

வரிமா-அதனால் விளையும் மனத் திருப்தியும் ,

Rain Making Veda Mantra

One must follow this approach this when studying the Vedas.

Whereas Science explains the procedure of every experiment and makes you understand the results, The Vedas gives you the result and keeps quiet

about the processes.

In Science you are expected to obey the Laboratory Conditions to get the desired , consistent result.

In the case of the Vedas , this is replaced by faith and adherence to some procedures which one may not be able to understand.

Extend the courtesy to the Vedic thoughts as you would for a Laboratory procedure, you shall get unimaginable results by applying the principles of

the Vedas.

I had already posted how electric Power was generated by using the two lines of the Purusha Sukta.

Now I am posting information as to how to make rains, not artificial ones, but natural one.