Nellai Vasanthan Beyond Science Enigma Of Ancient Tamil Wisdom

I am by faith an Advaitin, and apply logic wherever possible,eventhough I know logic is a duble edged sword that Destroys one’s quest for Spiritual development.Spirituality is to be Experienced and Felt. It can not be felt ,nor understood by Logic. We, in our Life ,follow many things which have no logic. First among them is Life, Why am I born and why do I die and what do I do here?Nor can logically explain emotions excepting to describe them .I can not explain many things in the Universe.Yet, l apply Logic!

You come across things, persons and events that defy logic. I have documented my experiences with paranormal in my articles.

As to esoteric sciences, I hold Tantra Sastra in high esteem. Though I have a very high opinion of Astrology in its accuracy of predicting Universal Events, I look with scepticism it’s efforts in predicting individual life’s events. My reason for the latter is that the Time of birth is never as accurate as happenings in the Universe. Hence prediction of Universal Events by Astrology defies Science.

I have some background in Siddha systems, Ancient Tamil System of Peering into future,Nadi system.

I have been stunned by Siddha system which was demonstrated by Siddha Sri. Venkatraman of Agasthya Asram ,Thiruvannamalai.( he shed his mortal coil some years ago).

But Sri. Nellai Vasanthan?

He expired yesterday.

I came into contact with him, though I never met him, through my friend of over ten years Sri. Trisakthi Sunderraman, when I needed some guidance for my close relative . He was in a physical condition that was beyond doctors’. I am not expanding on this as he is a very close relative. I was asked by Sri. Sunderraman that he knew someone to whom he shall pass on my problem and added that he could not guarantee that Nellai Vasanthan would agree to listen to me or even entertain the request.I was informed that though My friend had known him for over a decade, he could not say which calls he would respond to.

Next day ,by 9 am , I got a call from Sri.Sunderraman from Chennai, I live in Bangalore,that Nellai Vasanthan had come to his house ( Sri.Sunderraman) and would address my issue through Sri Sunderraman! He wouldn’t talk to me direct. He wanted to know some intimate family details about the person I was seeking guidance for. I conveyed to him through Sunderraman,we were talking and Sunderraman would relay information both ways,that I would ask the relative’s son to be connected in the call. Vasanthan refused and informed that he would say things only through me and I could relay information to my relative’s son and pass on the reply to Vasanthan through Sunderraman! I followed his advice. This is what happened.

  • Vasanthan , without any information identified the illness.
  • He pinpointed the patients birth place,where he lives and where he was injured and what his injuries are
  • He accurately indicated the number of siblings of the patient.Their Names! Even I did not know them.
  • He then told me my health issue which only my close family members are aware of,even Sri. Sunderraman was not aware till then.
  • He told my full name which my friend also did not know.
  • He listed out the three womens’ names I chant while performing tharpan for my mother’s side.
  • He told me my deceased Aunts daughter’s name.
  • He told me that I was talking standing under a water tank!My friend disagreed with him as he knew my apartment and I do not have a water tank near from I would speak . In fact I had moved away from my apartment and had gone nearly 200 meters away and I did not realise that I was standing near a Syntex water tank decanting drinking water !
  • He had also conveyed many intimate information about me,which was quite surprising!
  • He told me I had three subjects I wanted to write and that I would get reference to one in a couple of days and for the rest I would have to wait as i wouldn’t get relevant information. I found and write in Vaasi Yoga as he predicted, a couple of days later.The other two topics? I am yet to get information!
  • And I write with planning as I am guided to write. True.
  • On being asked why he is divulging information about me unasked for, he informed that he is directed to do so!
  • To top this All he predicted that my relative shall come out of coma on a particular date. Doctors had declared that he wouldn’t!
  • My relative came out of coma as predicted.
  • His case is now a Case Study and my closest friend and top neurologist of the world acknowledges this as a miracle.
  • The system that Sri. Vasanthan followed is, to my knowledge, isan ancient esoteric Tamil system of Nimithikam, Palm leaf reading, Astrology, Intuition and in my view plain God’s Grace .
  • He defied Space and Time in that he could see beyond,hear beyond and Perceive what we can not Perceive.
  • Vasanthan is beyond Science, an Enigma.
Sri. Nellai K. Vasanthan.

4 responses to “Nellai Vasanthan Beyond Science Enigma Of Ancient Tamil Wisdom”

  1. What an amazing story!!! Thankyou and Warm wishes, Jai

    राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम



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