Where Is Life Located In Humans,Thirumandhiram

Thirumandhiram verse 309 and meaning.image

Despite so much studies , one is yet to define what Life, Soul is. We do have descriptions. But after all these years of studying Philosophy and Religious texts, I get floored when some one asks these questions.And if the questioner happens to be a child….. They often floor me.

Prana ,as described in Hinduism , is the Life Force that flows and pervades the Body. If Life becomes extinct, all parts of the body too go? Is Life located in some place in the body? Is it in Sahasrara Chakra, the center between the two eyebrows on the forehead? Or is in the Navel?Or is it in the Heart? Ramana Maharshi used to say that psychological heart is on the right side, not on the location of the physical heart, saying that when one wants to say something by touching the heart or swears the Truth, unconsciously he touches the right side of the chest!

Yet the quest remains. Where is Life Located?

Thirumoolar in His Thirumandhiram verse 309 says Life is transferred to infant in the womb, from the mother through Placenta.

And in the Humans, Life is located below the center of the head , above the Tonsils.

Will write on Life’s Color and Size.

உச்சிக்கு கீழே உண்ணாக்கு மேலே

வச்ச பொருளின் வகையறிவாரில்லை”

“உற்றாரும் ஆவி அமர்ந்திடம் உச்சியே” (தி.ம 309)

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