Vanara Kingdom in Egypt? Archeological Find

MU land. Image
Location of MU,the lost land

When one studies ancient History,it is to be borne in mind that the landmass then was different from what it is today.Over a period of thousands of years,the landmass shifted due to Tectonic plates’ movement.In the process some landmass was submerged in water and some new landmass was created.The formation of Himalayan Mountains belong to the latter category,when it arose when the plates pressed against each other and new mountain rose.In the earlier category,some lands got submerged in the ocean.Lemuria and MU belong to such lands that got submerged.MU civilization bordered the Lemurian land.Both Lemuria and MU were peopled by Tamils.LemuriaLemuria MU civilizations

The term MU,is from Tamil.The prefix MU is used in Tamil to indicate ‘ very old’This ancient reference is made about the old cities of Tamils, Madurai Moothur,and Vanchi Moothur.

Vanchi Moothur was the capital of Chera kings,who were one of the three ancient dynasties that ruled over Tamil land in ancient times.The Landmass of Lemuria/MU included the present Egypt.Ramayana speaks of the Tamils,so also the Puranas.’

Now the Tamil Kingdoms of Chera, Chola and Pandyas are described by Sugreeva to Hanuman and Angadason of Vaali, when Sugreeva directs them to routes to be taken by themthe places to search for Sita, who was kidnapped by Ravana.

These verses appear in the Valmiki Ramayana.

I am providing the text of slokas and translation hereunder.

Valmiki Ramayana,Sundarakanda, Slokas 1 to 49. land of the Vanaras,was called Kishkintha.Hanuman,Sugrreva and Vaali were from this land.Lord Rama sought the help of Vanaras to locate his kidnapped wife Sita.There is a reference to Hanuman speaking a different language different from what was spoken by Rama.And there are theories it could be Tamil.Kishkintha is currently believed to be in Karnataka State,India.(Hampi).Now in Egypt, Archeologists have unearthed a Valley of Monkeys.Taking this information along with the links to Tamils and Sanatana Dharma of India,it may be postulated that Kishkintha was located in what is now Egypt or it was a land conquered by Vanaras.’

Egypt on Thursday unveiled two archaeological discoveries in Luxor including an industrial zone at the southern city’s West Valley, also known as the Valley of the Monkeys.

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered 30 workshops in the industrial area, the Ministry of Antiquities said in a statement. The area is “composed of houses for storage and the cleaning of the funerary furniture with many potteries dated to Dynasty 18,” the excavation team’s leader, Zahi Hawass, said in the statement.

The team had been working in the Valley of the Monkeys, which is located at Luxor’s western bank of the Nile, since 2017….

The team also discovered a tomb in Luxor’s East Valley, also known as the Valley of Kings, where it found “the tools that the ancient Egyptians used to construct a royal tomb,” Hawass said. The East Valley contains famous royal tombs.

The discoveries are the latest in a series of major findings of ancient relics that Egypt hopes will revive a tourist business that has been hit by political instability.

Hanuman ,not a Monkey, A different Species,Denivosan

Reference and citations.

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