Shiva Lingam Patanjali Vyagrapada In Bolivia Rock Carving UFO?

I have written about the spread of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world.

Ramas Empire,

Shiva Trishul in Peru, Nazca Lines,

Shiva’s Trinetra Dance by the Aborigines of Australia,

Pradyumna city at Port Barzhyn,Russia,

Natural Vishnu Temple in US,

Quadrilateral temple of Shiva in US,

Rama’s Chapel in Ur, Iraq,

Gobekli Temple, Turkey,

Hanuman,Makaratdwaja temples in Honduras, Mexico,

Shiva temple in Central America,

Virochana,son of Prahlad in Peru,

Rishi Bhogar designing Aircraft in South America……..

And more.

In my search ,I have found an image of two figures worshipping an idol .

The worshippers hand posture is the same as Hindus worshipping with both hands above the head,with both Palms closed.

And the Idol they worship is Shiva Lingam with its Base, Avudayaar.

This is found in Bolivia.

This is a rock carving.

This is marked as proof of UFO landing.

Many UFO videos ,images seem to have Indian connection and Indian Gods, Goddesses and Saints.

I am searching .

Unfortunately except the image reproduced below no other information is available.

This image is from

I have requested some of my readers from abroad to check and let me know.

Readers,please share information on this.

Incidentally,the way the two figures worship is identical with Sages worshipping Shiva, especially Vyagrapada and Patanjali.

I have seen this image in a temple near Kumbakonam.

Unable to recall.


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