Taj Mahal Broken Door Bricked Secret Underground Rooms

I have written on the fact that the Taj Mahal,India, on the banks of the Yamuna River, which is touted as an Islamic memorial built by Shah Jehan in memory of his Lover Mumtaz was an ancient Shiva Temple earlier.

I had also written that the Love story of Shah Jehan was a lie.

The symbols representing the Number Eleven representing the Eleven Rudras are found even today atop the Taj Mahal.

And there is a chamber underground which is believed to contain the Grave of Mumtaz.

The entrance to the underground chambers of the Taj Mahal was bricked in the 80s after an American researcher found the original wooden door leading to twenty two rooms pre dated the Taj Mahal.

A path leading to the River Yamuna underground was found.

You can find the details in this Video.

I am also providing videos on the subject from different sources,including National Geographic.

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