Shiva Mantra Begetting Child Wealth Ward off Calamity

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Lord Shiva is Gnana Guru,one who grants Wisdom.

There are two types of Gurus in terms of explaining the Reality ,to pass on this experience.

One is through Logic,another being Experience/heart.

As mind is a double edged sword,which caln argue for both for and against ,all at the same time,it is considered as an impediment to Self Realization in Hinduism.

As realization is easier through Heart than head,Bhakthi yoga is recommended.

It is also true that one lives by the heart,even though he thinks he is acting rationally,especially under difficult circumstances.

However, Hinduism does not altogether shun Mind .

It has devised many tools to channalize,Yoga ,being one.

Despite personal experiences,people,in their vanity think that Logic would solve issues at times of crisis.

When one’s limbs fail,one is unable to control even one’s limbs,the Logic and Rationalism would be of no use.

So much so,Adi Shankaracharya,the intellectual giant ,who advocated Gnana Yoga,the path of Knowledge,declares in his Bhaja Govindam declares thus,

‘Sampraapthe Sannihithe Kaale,

Nahi Nahi Rakshathi Ruk tukung Karane’

‘When the end nears,knowledge,even the most difficult Tharka,Logic and Intellectualism would be useless.’

Then what should one do?

‘Remember and Chant the name of Govinda’

Bhaja Govindam,Bhaja Govindam,Govindam Bhaja Moodamadhe’

‘Foolish Mind! Chant the name of Govinda’

However,People ,being what they are,Hinduism tries its best to convince people through Logic.

Classic example is the Bhagavad Gita,where Lord Krishna uses Logic to its limits to convey the knowledge of the Vedas.

Lord Krishna is the Guru who by talks,logic convinces you.

Krishna,being an Avatar of Vishnu,the protector,is the Father and he reasons out with his chidren as fathers do.

And the word Vishnu is from the Sanskrit word,Jishnu,one who supports.

His support is in the form of going your way and turn your way around and he is a master at it.

But Shiva occupies the post of a Guru.

He does not act as a Father but more as the Preceptor.

A Guru knows what you need more than you.

He does not convince you but orders you to do for your welfare.

He does not engage in discourses but conveys,transfers knowledge of Reality by Silence.

It is worth noting that Krishna decares in the Bhagavad Gita,

‘I am Silence among Languages’ ~Vibhuthi Yoga,Bhagavad Gita.

While Krishna is an eloquent teacher, Shiva is a silent teacher.

And another important point is that the palasthuthi of Shiva invariable says,

‘Sivalokamopnothi Siva Sahamodhathe’

‘You shall attain Shiva(Srealization) with Shiva’s guidance/help’

whereas Vishnu Palastuthi concentrates on the worldly pleasures,Artha,Kaama.

Brahmins will gain wisdom,

Kshtriyas Success,

Vaisyas,wealth and

Sudras ,happinesss.

For granting self realization special mantras are invoked for Vishnu.

Similarly special mantras are there to invoke Shiva for material prosperity.

There is a special mantra of Shiva for,

Begetting children,

Material prosperity and to ward off calamities,both man made and Natural.

The Mantra has been provided in the image towards the close of this article.

Chant 108 times a day.

For 45 days.

Begin during Shukla Paksha,Waxing Of the Moon,

Thithis, Chaturthi,Sashti,Trayodasi or Chaturdasi.

Naivedyam,Honey,dry fruits.

Perform the pooja in the morning.

Shiva Mantra image. Gif
Shiva Mantra for Progeny,Prosperity and to wardoff Calamities.
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