Milk You Drink Toxic Great Milk Conspiracy.

When I was young, we had, in our home, a cow.

Later we used to buy from the Yadavas, they are called ‘ konars’ in Tamil.

They had even a street named after them and they lived there.

They used to supply milk to homes.

They shall also supply Curds, Buttermilk.

But Ghee , we used to make Butter and get Ghee.

Hybrid, Indian cow.
Hybrid and Indian cow

They also used to deliver Milk from A Cow, which delivered just then.

This is called Seempaal and was used from some illnesses.

The taste of the freshly obtained milk is something to be tasted.

Frothing and with a delicious Aroma the coffee one makes from this fresh milk can not be compared with anything.

There was also the practice of preparing Coffee with Cow’s fresh Milk.

The Milk was not boiled , the body heat of the Cow in the Milk would do.

This is the origin of Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, which is matchless.

Now we have lost all these.

We buy Packets of Milk with no taste.

We do not know if it is Cow’s or Buffaloes.

It is a mixture of all, with stabilising agents.

Not only it is not tasty but it is outright harmful to health.

Then why the promotion of branded Milk?

Simple answer, Greed for money.

Systematic conspiracy to wipe out indigenous breeds and make India dependent on foreign sources as Monsanto has done for Agriculture.

The Ban on Jallikkattu is a part of this great milk conspiracy.

Study by New Zealand Research Group and NDRI , confirm that the Milk from crossbreeds are not only harmful but lowers Immunity ans may even cause Cancer.

New Zealand researchers claimed that A1 milk contains beta-caesin which is harmful for human beings and leads to diseases like diabetes, cancer and a weakening of the immune system. The results of the NDRI research also indicated that A1 milk that is served to infants and old age people damages the immune system. AK Srivastava, Director, NDRI, Karnal, tells Indiaopines, “In India, the experiment conducted six months ago on animals indicated that A1 milk caused immunity problems. But as of now we have to wait further for a credible source…

What is A1 and A2 milk?

Both A1 and A2 varieties of milk are the product of two genetically different cow breeds. The main proteins available in this milk are whey and casein. Earlier all cows used to be A2 until a naturally occurring genetic mutation in European breeds changed the genetics of milk producing cow herds. And today most of the milk that we consume comes from the A1 variety.

Research in New Zealand on the A1 and A2 breeds showed that casein is most abundant overall, and the genetic variations of the A1 and A2 refer to the beta-casein. Beta-caseins can have a helpful effect on the body. But drinking A1 milk may not be so helpful.

A1 versus A2

Milk of European breeds is addictive, triggers schizophrenia,diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

In July 2007, Dr Keith Woodford, a professor of farmmanagement at New Zealand’s Lincoln Universitypublished a paper titled A2 Milk, Farmer Decisions, and Risk Management that reported how “approximately 500 New Zealand dairy farmers are converting their herds to eliminate production of A1 beta-casein within the milk” responsible for “Type 1 diabetes, heart disease and autism”.

Dr Woodford went on to explain: “The alternative (to A1) is A2 beta-casein, and the associated milk is known as A2 milk. Originally all cow milk was of the A2 type. However, a genetic mutation, probably between 5000 and 10,000 years ago, has resulted in a proportion ofcows of European breeds producing a casein variant called A1 beta-casein. A1 beta-casein is absent in the milk of pure Asian and African cattle.”

He offered “eight strands to the evidence” to the ill-effects of A1 beta-casein: countries with high intakes of A1 beta-casein are the countries with high levels of Type 1 diabetes and heart disease; A1 and A2 beta-caseindigest differently and only A1 beta-casein releases beta-casomorphin7 (BCM7) which is a powerful opioid(addictive) and causes arterial plaque; rabbits fed A1 beta-casein develop considerably more plaque on their aorta and rats show higher incidence of Type 1 diabetes;evidence from American and European investigationsshow that autistic and schizophrenic persons typically excrete large quantities of BCM7 in their urine; and many who are intolerant to milk are able to drink A2 milk.

Dr Woodford was worried that most consumers and dairy farmers worldwide remained unaware of the issues surrounding A1 and A2 milk. Within four years, Indian scientists at the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) came up with their own study. “The A2 allele gene in Indian milk breeds of cows and buffalos are 100 per cent, while in foreign breeds, it is around 60 per cent,” it said in 2011.

NBAGR screened the status of the A2 allele of the beta-casein gene in 22 indigenous breeds and the twodominant foreign breeds Holstein Friesian and Jersey. While the A2 allele was 100 per cent in the top five indigenous milch breeds –Red Sindhi, Sahiwal,Tharparkar, Gir and Rathi – and around 94 per cent in other indigenous dual and draught breeds, its status was merely 60 per cent in Holstein Friesian and Jersey.

According to Dr Woodford, the major consumer market for A2 milk is in Australia where it is available in some 800 supermarkets and 200 convenience stores.However, overall market share is probably less than 1% because of limited publicity. In an increasingly health conscious world, this creates a huge potential for global demand for the A2 milk of our indigenous breeds. For now, we must rethink our strategy of flooding the domestic markets with A1 milk by aggressively pushing exotic breeds at home and opening up the dairy sector toforeign brands.

( source.

When we drink the milk of an A1 cow, the body breaks it down to produce high levels of a molecule that is not a healthy sign. This is a bioactive opioid peptide and morphine-related compound called beta casomorphin-7 (BCM7). While A2 milk also causes some of this morphine molecule to be produced, it is negligible ascompared to A1 milk. BCM7 is a very active molecule in our body….

Once in our blood stream, this creates opioid oxidize cholesterol at a high rate, which may be one reason for its link to heart disease. Animal studies have singled out BCM7 since it creates inflammatory reactions in the small intestines. It also changes the hormonal function, as well as affects the nervous and immune system. BCM7 will cause brain fog, poor thinking, and problems with sleep.

These neurologic issues may also be a factor in the concerns with schizophrenia and autism. The ischemic heart disease is the most common cause of death in the majority of countries. A study New Zealand study looking at 20 affluent countries clearly shows higher rates of death from a type of heart disease called ischemic heart disease in A1 milk drinkers, while the A2 variety shows lower cardiovascular problems and type-I diabetes.

Earlier there were no human trial results to check the claims of A1 and A2 milk. But on August 11, 2014 the Curtin University of Australia published a report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Associate Professor Sebely Pal of the School of Public Health. The report found that humans on an A2 milk diet had less bloating abdominal pain and firmer stools since they stayed off the A1 beta casein. The tests were carried out on 41 persons for eight weeks…..

Anurag Tomer, counsel for Swami Achutyanand, tells Indiaopines, The civil writ petition said that 80 percent of milk provided to consumers in India was adulterated and not safe for human consumption. The petitioner also gave the court a copy of the FSSAI survey report claiming that 68.4 percent of milk in the Indian market was adulterated with the synthetic and detergent materials which were hazardous for health.The Bench of Justice KS Radhakrishnan and Justice Vikramjit Sen took the matter seriously and then hearing of the case began in the month of December 2013.”

Anurag further says, “In the meantime we pointed out to the court that the punishment awarded in India for food adulteration is insufficient. So the apex court in December issued a notice to the Union of India and all the States asking them to bring a suitable amendment in Section 276 of the Indian Penal Code and also suggested the Government to increase the provision of punishment from six months to a life term.

During the hearing of the case the apex court was also informed about the Allahabad High Court Judgment on where in a similar case the court stated that since the Food Safety Standard Act could take care of all the matters related to food adulteration. Section 276 of the IPC cannot be applied in this.

After the writ petition a counter affidavit was filed by the Director of the Food Safety Authority on behalf of the Union of India in the SC on March 10, 2014 admitting that in the year 2011 a survey was conducted nationwide by the FSSAI. The survey said that 68.4 per cent of milk which was collected from various States was found adulterated with detergents. 

The deviations were found highest on account of Fat and SNF content in 574 samples (46.8%) of the total non-conformity, including 147 samples with detergents and two samples with neutrilizers, respectively. Detergent was also found in 103 samples (8.4%). The second highest parameter of non-conformity was the skim milk powder (SMP) in 548 samples (44.69%) including glucose in 477 samples. Glucose is added in milk to probably enhance SNF.

Mohan Singh Ahluwalia, President of Gwala Gaddi, an organization fighting to save native desibreed cows across the country and provide pure milk to the consumers with more than seven lakh twenty thousand members across the country and also the petitioner along with Swami Achutyanand, tells Indiaopines,

People are losing their faith in milk now. The present condition is very serious as a single person is making a brand of itself and we are against it. Our movement mainly deals with the interests of consumers and we are demanding that pure milk be served to people.” Ahluwalia further says, “Currently there is no law which deals with the standard of milk as in the government guideline it is not clear how to achieve standards whether in a natural way or in an artificial way. Thus all the companies and dairies across the country are doing a black business of impure milk and making huge profits. And Government of India is the part of this conspiracy with its millions of consumers.

Source. ( )

We drink toxic milk.

Indian milk and cross breeds milk comparison
Protein chain showing Amino acids A 1 and A 2 beta_ casein.

‘The milk you get from Aavin and other companies are toxic A1 milk. Cow’s milk contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates (in the form of lactose), minerals and water. There are two types of cow’s milk : A1 & A2. The main difference between the A1 & A2 milk is their protein component. The protein is of two types : Casein and Whey. There are different types of casein proteins and one particular type is called the BETA-CASEIN which has two variations : A1 & A2. The A1 beta casein is a highly toxic component while the A2 is harmless and safe. Your mother’s milk is A2 and so is the Indian cow’s. It has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals which enhances your immune system. But the western cow’s milk which we drink today, is highly toxic and not suitable for human consumption. ..

Bottom line is, once people drink milk, the western cow’s milk (which contains A1 beta casein) digests differently than the Indian Cow’s milk (which has A2 beta casein). With the A1 beta casein, there’s a release of a ‘peptide’ which a small fragment of protein called ” Beta-Caso-Morphin-7 ” the devil in the milk.
The BCM7 is an opioid (psychoactive chemical) and when it gets through from the stomach into the blood, it can cause all sorts of problems. The human body simply doesn’t like this opioid and it tries to react against it, and depending on the individual’s genetic make up, one could get all sorts of diseases ranging from juvenile diabetes, autism, allergies and etc. To make it worse, BCM7 crosses the Blood Brain Barrier. Which means, it could get in to your brain, resulting in schizophrenia and auto-immune diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s. In children, it could cause several issues for their psychomotor and physical development (a recent study made by Russian scientists has confirmed this).
The west has now woken up to the truth and more and more people are going to A2 milk. This has made the western diary industry nervous. So they’re in the process of converting their useless, toxic A1 cows to A2 cows. They come to India for the A2 cow embryos as a result of which, now some of our wonderful native breeds like the Punganur and Vechur cows are nearly extinct. And thanks to the lack of a mechanism to check the illegal export of embryos at Indian sea ports, they’re doing this with no issues. Today we see western humpless cow in indian diaries , and Indian humped cow in western diaries. Aavin and other milks we get in India now is the toxic A1 kind…

7 responses to “Milk You Drink Toxic Great Milk Conspiracy.”

  1. In the proteins found in milk, a protein called beta-casein makes up 30%. Beta-casein is of two kinds: A1 Beta-casein and A2 Beta-casein.

    Regular milk which has A1 protein causes many digestive issues when A1 milk is consumed, BCM-7 is produced. BCM-7 can cause intolerance symptoms and indigestion.

    Whereas the structure of A2 is closer to the human milk beta-casein chain, it doesn’t produce BCM-7. This is why milk containing only A2 naturally supports digestive well-being. It’s naturally more digestible than A1 milk. A2 milk has shown to have medicinal benefits. It is particularly essential during pregnancy and childhood.

    Regular milk mostly contains A1 protein which may cause uneasiness and according to some studies, can increase the risk of many diseases.

    A2 protein milk is gentle on sensitive tummies and less likely to trigger symptoms associated with milk intolerance. Research shows that A1 protein milk causes many digestive issues. Moreover, A2 milk is high in Omega 3 & 6, Vitamins, Calcium, Minerals, Iodine, Magnesium, antioxidant Beta-Carotene and many more.

    .Research shows that milk from desi Gir cows with a different kind of protein called A2 is not only nutritious but also easier to digest.

    Amlaan A2 milk originates from cow’s milk and is healthy for all age groups and contributes to a high protein diet providing you cow milk nutrition.

    Read more:


  2. Becuase of “business”, they compromise the health of their consumers. Why can’t these greedy bastards stop what they are doing? We need to stop buying their products to show that we want better. We stopped drinking A1 milk since 2015 and bought our A2 from


  3. Good evevning, One of the remote possible remedy to get away from this A1 milk output , slowly but steadily..for retaining OR to get back our Indian humped cow stop using the Artificial insamination injection kits,[[ imported by our Money greedy politicians//Ruling parties’ leaders.]].from the western countries ,for breeding of our cows.,,This is only fesible with the concurrence and cooperation of our local Konaars..and Yaadavaas. They should look forward for natural breeding with humped indian native bulls’ instead of depending on our goverments’ Animal husbandry department .Thanks for our politicians reckless money greed.


    • It needs the cooperation of the cosumers, who can form a cooperative.And the cows need to be maintained well. We should also educate the people about the misinformation being spread about the use of our tradional way of milking.Regards


  4. Very well documented. I would suggest that this be published in one of the leading newspapers to build up public opinion and thereafter the info may be circulated among health and animal husbandry departments of various state and central governments.


  5. First, I wish to thank our Peetadhipathy Sri Sri Sri Acharya of Sri Ramachandrapur Mutt in Karnataka, for promoting local breeds of cows in the country called Gau Raksha. We Indians always ape for western habits, products very easily. That is where, they take us for granted and introduce their practices and products on us to dominate and push their products. In Hinduism, we treat cows as GOD and used to its products without any mixing of other agents to increase its value and quantity.


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