I am of the opinion that Astrolgy at the individual level is not warranted nor is it accurate.

Predictions based on horoscope depend on two factors.

Horoscope matching for Marriage , India.

The correct time of birth.

This is not possible in almost all the cases as there  is alwaysna time gap between the actual birth and the time of reporting it.

As the science of Astrology is very accurate in time, for it divides a minute into further divisions band it asserts that even a miniscule difference will alter the predictions.

The reason is that Time is Relative and not Absolute.

Time is only a convenient cocept.

In the Nature of things in the universe, even our conception of Time varies.

Th Time/day of the earth is not identical with the other celestial bodies like the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn..

The Time varies depending on the planets’ revolution around the Sun and Sun’s revolution in relation to other STARS and other Galaxies vary.

Such being the case, a minor difference in time of birth can make a huge difference.

So as the Time of  Birth is not accurate, so are the predictions based on this.

Secondly there is  controversy about what exactly is time of birth.

One section maintains that the emergence of the head of the child is the time of birth, another group says it is the time the child touches the ground as only this constitutes the birth on the Earth.

As these views are divergent there is no certainty about the predictions made based on the Time of Birth.

Vedic Astrology requires an impassioned approach . Most of the Astrolgers of today treat this as a way to earn money.

When money comes in ,dispassionate assessment is a casualty.

And Vedic Astrology is a serious Study.

It calls for dedication and serious research, which one does not;find among most of the Astrologers.

Such being the case,  do not attach importance to Astrology .

I am buttressed in my view bnthe Karma Theory of Hinduism, wherein one can not alter Destiny unless It Wills it.

None can escape the consequences of one’s actions, be it Man or an Avtar.

The goal of Life is  Realization of the Reality, Brahman.

Nothing else matters nor can alter the Universal Reality.

This is the message of the Vedas.

If horoscopes were correct and auspicious timings are accurate, Rama would not have  had to endure Vanvas.

Sita would not nendednup in Ravana’s captivity, had to be away from her husband at the time  of delivery of Lava and Kusa.


Then how come the predictions of  our ancient Sages are accurate concerning Natural Phenomena?

The reason is that when you analyse an Universal Event like Eclipses you are not emotionally involved.

Nor is the time incorrect as Universal Events take place at precise moments and more than one observes  and records it.

Hence the accuracy  of predictions relating to Universal Events like Eclipses.

Here all the shortcomings associated with individual predictions are overcome.

Such being the case for predictions based on Horoscope, how about Matching Horoscopes for Marriage?

What does the Vedas say?

What does Jyotisha, a Vedanga, a part vof the Veda say?


Both of them say that Matching of Horoscopes of a Girl’s with a Boy’s is not warranted.

While the Vedas is silent on this issue, Vedanga says it is not necessary.

Matching of horoscopes or looking into the preordained events of life:When matching horoscopes the following eight aspects are taken into consideration – the class (varna), the matching of the lunar and solar signs (vashya), the lunar asterism (nakshatra), the species (yoni), the planets (grahas), the genus (gan), the lineage (kuta) and one of the three divisions of the lunar asterism (nadi). If all these eight match each other then in all, thirty-six points are said to match. When minimum of eighteen components match, the horoscopes are said to be matching. The greater the number of points matching beyond eighteen the better it is. It is pointless matching the points based on preordained events when the horoscopes of the boy and girl are not available. Deciding upon a suitable match by matching the horoscope is only a popular custom, and is not prescribed by the scriptures.’

Hindu astrology is astrology based on medieval Hindu texts, wherein the relative positions and movements of celestial objects is used as a means for forecasting information about human affairs and fortunes. The term Hindu astrology has been in use since the early 19th century by colonial era missionaries and some Indologists, and referred to Jyotisha.More recently, it is also referred to as Vedic astrology.

Vedanga Jyotisha is one of the earliest texts about Jyotisha field within the six Vedangas, it is about astronomy and time keeping for Vedic rituals, and has nothing to do with prophecy or astrology.’

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  1. It is done just to find out that how much they are bound to make a good or perfect married pair. Through this we find out the compatibility between both the persons. It is more important than the considerations of the physical attributes, financial status, caste and religion before the marriage.
    Mostly Indians rely on kundali matching. In this process, the zodiac sign, the planetary positions and combinations and their influences are closely studied and then it is evaluated with the same details of the other person. It is all done on a common scale of comparison.



  2. It is stated in the Veda that the life span of a person is regulated by one’s breath. I don’t know which one; I think the Srimad Bhagavatam. But the point is that, when a person takes his or her first breath, that is the starting time of the measure of its life span ~ that is the birth point! The exact time of birth. A baby can be birthed and not be breathing and be put down on the ground and still not be breathing, therefore if it does not take a breath (the atmospheric energies of all celestial light sources at that exact moment) then its dead it hasn’t been born! At least not alive and that is what Rasi charts are all about, the living entity and its life tendencies according to the composite celestial life giving sources at that moment. GOVINDAM ADI PURUSHAM BHAJAMI ~Sanjaya


  3. Ramanan Sir ! In the matters concerning Astrological Matters, I humbly but firmly state that my knowledge in these matters are deeper than yours, because I have close to 40 years experience in Jyothishya.

    Firstly ABOUT THE EXACT TIME OF BIRTH, i would concur with you that there are confusions, contradictions etc in this matter. Ancient Rishis have devised ways to correct this. Accordingly there is a very scientific reasoning that at a particular given time, there will be a BIRTH OF ONLY A PARTICULAR SPECIES LIKE HUMAN, ANIMAL ETC AND ALSO OF A PARTICULAR SEX like Male / Female or the third Gender in a time frame of 3-4 minutes. In all the texts plenty of methods are elobarated to correct the time of birth.

    Secondly ANYTHING GIVEN FREE IS WASTED. The present day Astrologers with deep knowledge of the subjects cannot be expected to run the show with some pittance thrown in for the consulting fees. The shastras are very clear that any person who approaches an Astrologer must do so by first OFFERING GIFTS LIKE MONEY, GRAINS etc as per his capability (Yathaa Shakthi) at an appropriate time and only after the Astrologer is duly pleased with the Guru dakshina should the doubts be heard and cleared.

    Thirdly the Law of karma is never ABSOLUTE OR RIGID. There are three types of Karma will result from the performance of our various deeds. They are DHRUDDA KARMA, ADDHRUDDA KARMA AND DHUDDA-ADDHRUDDA KARMA. Dhrudda Karma results when a person experiences the Phala or results of his actions, whether Good or bad done with the full knowledge of his actions. There is no remedy for this. Addhruda karma phala results when he is unaware or does things unknowingly. THERE CAN BE SOME CHANCES OF REMEDY BY DOING PARIHAARAMS OF VARIOUS TYPES. The third type is a mix of both. The Horoscope of any person will help us in determining the nature of his past KARMAS and conclude the path to mitigate or endure.

    Finally Horoscope matching is very best and is termed as AURASA (Agni Sakshi and community matching) and done according to various methods of matching depending on multiple factors. It is actually IMPERATIVE DURING OUR PRESENT TIMES BECAUSE THERE WILL BE SEVERE SOCIAL RAMIFICATIONS if matching or marriage is done arbitrarily.

    I conclude by this saying “Avashyam Bhokthayvam Karmaphalam Sukhasukham” i.e We have to definately bear the consequences of our Actions, good or Bad. So let us act wisely because “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.


  4. Hi, I really like the above explanation and some how accept it as no one is giving exact details which is the acceptable method to match the horoscope. Based on your advice can you explain in detail a to how one can match the horoscope using your method. You can mail me at crsehan59@gmail.com
    Thanks for your help.


  5. Again the accuracy in the TIME OF BIRTH,,,which time they would have chosen as the time of birth..[1] Whether the time of emergence of the CHILD’S head out side the mother’s womb..OR [2] The time when the child touches the ground///the earth..


  6. IF THAT IS THE CASE THERE MUST BE SOME WAYS TO ACCURATELY the birth ,death and events of any person how did VARAHA MIHARA predicted the death of his king’s child and Bhaskaracharya widow hood of his daughter LEELAVATI what rules they followed


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