What Is Not Yours

I used to be fond of watches.

At one point of time, as early as last year, I had about 28 wrist watches!

Now I lost interest in them.

I had a thought.

I have been acquiring things.

After a lapse of time, I lost interest.

I discard them.

They were mine for a time.

No body has taken them away from me.

They are still there.

But I feel they are not mine.

So is with everything in Life.

You have a Car ;after some time,you lose interest,in name they are yours ,but you do not enjoy it anymore.

In that sense it is not yours.

What is ours here?

The Ground we walk on?


The Sun,

The air we breathe?





Why go further?

Even Life is not ours.

We are Trustees..

Things are here for our temporary keeping.

We have no ownership.

We have the right to enjoy them,with the consequences.

Nothing more.

By Ramanis blog

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger,Tedex Speaker

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