BBC Crew Arrested UFO Area 51 Sneak 60 000 Photos Analysis

Recently a UFO Crew was held at gunpoint in the UFO Base, USA,which was not reported by The BBC, was posted in thi site along with The SUN UK and All Voices soon after the incident.,-115.811111111&spn=0.03,0.03&q=37.235,-115.811111111+(Area+51)&t=h

UFO Image.

Now it appears that an object was found traveling at the site and some 60,000 images were taken by Wilbur Allen=at Area 51.


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GUEST Wilbur Allen’s recent trip to Area-51 in the Nevada Desert astounds us all! The photographic evidence is proof, that being over 60,000 photos in a 2 day exploration clearly verifies the existence of Extraterrestrial life that is Visiting planet earth!

In this extraordinary interview Wilbur Allen reviews his body of work and sets out to reveal to the public the steps that he has taken that have lead him to the amazing discovery of alien craft above areas such as the WHITEHOUSE and now Area-51. Mr. Allen has the proof in these photographs and as he said “It is not what the public would expect!”

Enjoy the interview; as well Mr. Allen has been kind enough to release a couple of photos from his recent (October 13th, 2012) trip to Area-51.





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