A Child asks,Why?

They Say…

There are Millions of Stars and Thousands of Universes,yet I am born here where Life can exist,


There are things and Living Things,Yet I am born as a Living Thing?


Child questions ..WHY?
Child Questions..WHY?

There are places on the Earth, where I would not  have survived,I am born in a place where I can survive,


There are Reptiles,Sea Creatures,Birds,things like Frogs,animals,yet I am born as a Human Being,


I have senses that I can see and what they call as Mind which I can not see,


There are Millions of people as Living beings, yet I am different,


There are Nine holes in my body,but the air I breathe does not leak,


I like some people and I dislike some,


There is something they call us Gravity, which makes the water I drink,goes into my stomach,


What they call as Doctors say they can cure diseases,yet people die,


A Big baby is in my mother’s stomach which is small?


One day people go to sleep, never to return,


-What they call as Science tells me How and Never Why?

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