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Why US did not Share information with Pakistan?Full Story.

Though US has shared some information with Pakistan on tracing and killing Osama,it did not trust Pakistan to the enough to have revealed  vital information.(Pakistan collaborated with US-for details read blog on Pakistan Collaborated with US).


ISI of Pakistan has been hands in glove with terrorists,helping them establish camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

This US ,was aware ,thanks to satellite pictures.

Earlier when Osama was being hunted  mountains in Afghan Border,US knew Osama escaped to Pakistan.

This was indicated by Gen.Pervez Musharaff, in his memoirs.

‘Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf later wrote in his memoirs that an interrogation of the courier revealed that al-Libbi used three houses in Abbottabad, which sits some 50 km (30 miles) northeast of Islamabad. The intelligence official said that one of those houses may have been in the same compound where on May 1 U.S. special forces killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.’

Musharaff knew that Bin Laden was with al-Libbi.

He chose not to take action.

Incidentally Osama was killed in the same town.(though the present mansion was a vacant plot then)

Funds from Saudi Arabia for Islamic Organisations were being used by militant organisations like,LeT,JUD,HUJ  to fund Al Qaeda.

Earlier these extremist organisations were funded by Al Qaeda.

Mullah Omar, Father in Law of Osama, was seen moving freely in Pakistan.

(On these grounds US threatened to cut off aid to Pakistan).

US came to know that Benazir Bhutto was killed by Al Qaeda. ( Musharaff is an accused in this case in Pakistan and he is wanted for trial in Pakistan)

Gen.Pertaeus of US openly accused Pakistan ISI of propping up militants including Al Qaeda. 

India and Afghanistan provided evidence in the Bombing of Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan to the effect that it was carried out from inside Pakistan.

Interpol notified criminal Dawood Ibrahim, who has connections with Al Qaeda is in Pakistan and US is aware of it.

US  also had Intel that Pakistan Nukes might fall in the hands of Al Qaeda and was in fact considering the option of taking out this facility.( Even now it is debatable whether the Nuke installations are really  controlled by US).

The pro Al Qaeda faction in ISI was suspected of passing on information to Al Qaeda whenever there was an imminent attack by the US.

 David Headley has also contributed information on ISI links with terrorists.

“An Indian government report seen by Reuters states that David Headley, a Pakistani-American militant who was allied with Lashkar-e-Taiba and who was arrested in the United States last year, told Indian interrogators while under FBI supervision that ISI officers had been involved in plotting the attack and paid him $25,000 to help fund it.”

” Pakistan’s foreign ministry says that Abbottabad, home to several military installations, has been under surveillance since 2003. If that’s true, then why didn’t the ISI uncover bin Laden, who U.S. officials say has been living with his family and entourage in a well-guarded compound for years?”

“The ISI, which backed the Taliban when the group came to power in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s, seemed to turn a blind eye — or perhaps even helped — as Taliban and al-Qaeda members fled into Pakistan during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11, according to U.S. officials.”

Washington also believes the agency protected Abdul Qadeer Khan, lionized as the “father” of Pakistan’s bomb, who was arrested in 2004 for selling nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

And when Kashmiri militants attacked the Indian city of Mumbai in 2008, killing 166 people, New Delhi accused the ISI of controlling and coordinating the strikes. A key militant suspect captured by the Americans later told investigators that ISI officers had helped plan and finance the attack. Pakistan denies any active ISI connection to the Mumbai attacks and often points to the hundreds of troops killed in action against militants as proof of its commitment to fighting terrorism.”

“Some suspect Pakistan knew more than it’s letting on. But the Pakistani intelligence official, who asked to remain anonymous so that he could speak candidly, told Reuters that the Americans had acted alone and without any Pakistani assistance or permission.”

Pasha, seen by U.S. officials as something of a right-wing nationalist, and CIA Director Leon Panetta, who was in the final stages of planning the raid on Osama’s compound, had plenty to talk about in Washington. Joint intelligence operations have been plagued by disputes, most notably the case of Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor who shot dead two Pakistanis in Lahore in January. Davis was released from jail earlier this year after the victims’ families were paid “blood money” by the United States, a custom sanctioned under Islam and common in Pakistan.

Then there are the Mumbai attacks. Pasha and other alleged ISI officers were named as defendants in a U.S. lawsuit filed late last year by families of Americans killed in the attacks. The lawsuit contends that the ISI men were involved with Lashkar-e-Taiba, an anti-India militant group, in planning and orchestrating the attacks”.



“There’s no doubt he was protected by some in the ISI,” the European official said of bin Laden. The officials say they believe these ISI elements include some current and former intelligence and military operatives with long-standing ties to al Qaeda and other militant groups.

The officials didn’t offer specific evidence, but pointed to the town’s proximity to the capital and its high concentration of current and former military and intelligence officers. They said aid likely included intelligence tips to help keep bin Laden ahead of his American pursuers.”

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