How To Wear Upaveeda Poonal Jaanu Pracheena Veedhi Niveedha

The age of, Eight for Brahmins, Twelve for Kshatriya, Sixteen for Vaisya.

Yagnopaveeda Dharana Mantra Poonal

Upanayana is an important Samskara, duty of a Hindu.   The three Varnas, Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaisya must have this performed.   Read my posts on Samskaras.   The wearing of the sacred thread opens the inner eye.   One becomes a Dwija, born for the second time.   The Upaveeda must remain clean.   … Continue reading Yagnopaveeda Dharana Mantra Poonal

Whom Should A Brahmin Marry Manusmriti

Social Order seems to take priority. The Laws of Manu on selecting a Bride , to me, seems very rational. As parents most of us follow the same without articulating or even aware of it. To ensure Offspring without Genetic disorders Manu prohibits marriage with immediate blood relatives. And with chronic illness and birth defects. He insists on not marrying from a Family without a Male Heir. Boys' parents know how difficult it is to interact with a child with no brother/s for they normally are unaware of Mael view-point. And in the event of the demise of the girl's father, if there are no Males to interact on behalf of the Girl, it creates n running the Family at times of crisis. Manu pays scant regard to the wealth of the Girl's Family. He has also provided some physical marks which might have a bearing on the character of the Bride.

Brahmin An Outcast ,Vratya, Manusmriti

In this article we shall see how a Brahmin is declared as an Outcast in one instance, which is very serious. That instance is Upanayana, wearing of the Sacred Thread)Ceremony) " 36. In the eighth year after conception, one should perform the initiation (upanayana) of a Brahmana, in the eleventh after conception (that) of a Kshatriya, but in the twelfth that of a Vaisya. 37. (The initiation) of a Brahmana who desires proficiency in sacred learning should take place in the fifth (year after conception), (that) of a Kshatriya who wishes to become powerful in the sixth, (and that) of a Vaisya who longs for (success in his) business in the eighth.