How Tamil Kings Are Named Identified Epigraphs Inscriptions

In the case of Epigraphs and Inscriptions  , method is followed by the Kings is to record their names and also identify their Dynasty by their Titles, like Parakesari,Valavan,Sembiyan... in the case of Cholas; மாறவர்மன்(Maravarman), சடய வர்மன்(Satayavarman) got Pandyas; வானவரம்பன்(Vaana varambhan) ,இமய வரம்பன்( Imayavaramban) in the case of Chera.

Chola Tamil Kings Enforced Laws of Manu Thiruvaarur Thyagaraja Temple Epigraph.

It is found in the North wall of the second Prakaara.

The epigraph is about Vikrama Chola.

It may be noted that the Chola Kings used the epbithet,'one who followed the Laws of Manu'.