Older Than Ayodhya Rama Temple Ninth Century AD Kothanda Rama Temple Aditya Chola

he current date of Ayodhya Ram temple is around 12 century.This date is incorrect and it can be dated much earlier. Obfuscation about Ayodhya Ram temple date abounds. I shall be writing about the Ayodhya Ram temple and it’s antiquity

Gnana Mudra Rama Without Bow Arrrow Nedungunam

It is very rare to find Lord Rama with out His Bow and Arrow. And Lord Rama with Gnana Mudra? As far as I know, Vishnu or His avatars do not exhibit Gnana Mudra. Lord Shiva, that too in the form of Dakshina Murthy, one who faces South or one who is in the South…… Continue reading Gnana Mudra Rama Without Bow Arrrow Nedungunam

Rama With Inscribed Arrow Thillaivilagam

Lord Rama with an arrow containing the inscription .Rama Saram’ is one of its kind. The arrow containing this seems to indicate His approach to Life. ‘One word,One Arrow, One wife’ Lord Rama is known for his adherence to His promises, despite them proving uncomfortable to Him,like killing of Vaali,accepting Vibheeshana,asking Sita to undergo the…… Continue reading Rama With Inscribed Arrow Thillaivilagam