Madurai 155 Trillion Years Old? Puzzling Evidence.

Based on Tectonic shift, Archeology and related evidence Ihad ,earlier,arrived at  a figure of 230 million years for Lemuria of which Madurai was a part. It was Then Madurai then. Because of tectonic shift, it had moved to it's present location. The present information in this article is Mind blogging. It is easy to dispose it off as Non sense.

Dravidian Roots of Sri Rama

The Aryan Invasion Theory floated by the British to divide and rule India through paid missionaries like Max Mueller, who under the garb of translating ancient texts of India, sowed the seeds of Divisive tendencies, is long dead and and buried. The new Archeological finds in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere have provided evidence to … Continue reading Dravidian Roots of Sri Rama

Rama’s Dravidian Origin Webinar History Dept CCSU Meerut

webinar will be presided by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Narendra Kumar Taneja ji.And HOD Prof.  Mrs.Ajay Vijay Kaur and Prof. Vighnesh Tyagi ji will participate