Zero Energy Universe Theory Quantum Agrees With Vedas Hinduism

Traditional Physics has various Theories ,all of them incomplete .

Quantum Theory seems to have arrived at a Theory that validates Universality of AllTheories and the answer to the question of Constant Motion of the Universe and its dissolution.

Aided by Particle Physics,the answer t o the question as to out of what the Universe was made and what remains ,has been arrived at.

This is the Zero Energy UniverseTheory.

‘The zero-energy universe hypothesis proposes that the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity.

Pascual Jordan first suggested that since the positive energy of a star’

Annihilation Quantum Confirms Vaiseshika Atomic Theory Hinduism

Annihilation diagram,Quantum.

Quantum has proved that contrary to accepted theory,An Atom is present in many places at the sametime.

And the Atoms change when One perceives them.

That is you change the Object when you perceive it.

The Observer changes the Observed.

The Observed also changes the Observer.

In the light of these revolutionary Concepts,I checked what the Vedas say on this?

Also what Viseshika System of Hinduism assert.

Shiva Thiruvannamalai At The Instant Of Earth’s Creation By Brahma

Earth seen from Apollo Spacecrsft

Now Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu, India is 3.5 Billion years old!

In Puranic version of Brahma’s creation, the first creation for this kalpa was around 4.32 Billion Years.

In such great stretches of Time 5 to 10 billion years is allowed in calculation.

Hence it is probable Shiva was at Thiruvannamalai when Brahma created the world around 4.32 Billion Years ago!

Meru Arctic, Kashmir, Tanzania ,Celestial?

The source of the radio waves appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center, and may coincide with a super massive black hole. This black hole has the equivalent mass of 4 million suns and is the source of most of the gravitational energy in our galaxy. Thus the Galactic Center is the Sun around which our Sun rotates.’

Considering all these facts I tend to surmise that the Physical Meru is in the Arctic ( I have a post that the inside of the Earth is not hollow) ans also a spiritual plane.

Parallel Multi Universe In Hinduism Astronomy

Multiverse Level II

He , as I explained in my post ‘Vishnu once in 6480 years, Astronomy Precession Equinox’ emerges once in 6480 years with the changing Great Year, Yuga.

The Devi Mahatmiya describes that the Devi takes the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra around the Universe and shows them numerous Brahmas, Visnus and Shivas at work, before reaching Chintamani Gruha of the Devi.

Please read my post on Chintamani Gruha.

Now these countless Suns, having their own planets follow their own Laws, some physical laws are the same as ours,

People existing there travel among them, including the Earth.

As the Physical laws there are different so is the definition of Life.