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Hanuman Vanaras Existed 2,50,000 Years Ago? Homo Heidelbergensis

Home sapiens were our ancestors. Hanuman His described as Chiranjeevi, Immortal. Vanaras, to which Hanuman is reported to belong were not Apes Valmiki observes that they can speak and intelligent Hanuman had authored Sanskrit Grammar before Panini.

Hanuman meditation.image

Hanuman Vanaras Not Monkeys New Extinct Human Species Denivosan Cave Siberia

Now I have come across information that there was another species of Humans. Denisovans. Denisovans resemble Vanaras,more than the Neanderthals. Am awaiting more information on Denisovans and more finds on Humans. This information goes to prove that Vanaras were not Monkeys.

A Sperm Driven Machine. Man

All of us are fundamentally animals and are driven by Nature to propagate the Species. In short we are a Sperm Driven Machine, looking at from the Biological perspective. Of course we are not simply this. But what are the Facts?

Grandparents Choose Grandchildren’s Sex

The bond between the Grandparent and Grand children is unique. While certain naughty behaviour from sons and daughters were frowned upon, are overlooked in the case of Grandparents. It is well-known that Grandchildren bond better with their Grand parents. They have more liberty with their grandparents,share their intimate details with them, which the would not share with even their parents. I have seen that Grandchildren ,in general, share physiological emotional and mental characteristics f Grand parents. Tamil language calls he Grandchildren as 'peran', 'The one who establishes Grandparents' name.(பேரன்) Now it transpires that Mammals choose the Sex of their grand children, a Study reveals!

Multiverse,Other Worlds Part 1

Multiverse or Meta Universe is a novel and Daring concept. This Concept was formulated because of the improbability of the events/inadequate explanation of the recent findings of Science, which can not be explained by our present physical Laws. 1. Biological Evolution is found to be reversed in certain Species. "They sequenced five nuclear genes from each species, then applied statistical analyses to construct a tree of relationships called a phylogeny. And that’s when they saw it: deeply nested inside a large group of parasites were our everyday, non-parasitic, allergy-causing dust mites.”While this isn’t the first time that Dollo’s Law has been questioned, it’s the first strong evidence that parasitism might not be the evolutionary “blind alley” we tend to describe it as. The more scientists use genetics to study the evolutionary relationships between organisms, the more they find that Dollo’s Law is less law-like than once thought, broadening our understanding of evolution as a whole and challenging our assumptions about how it works. Which is, really, the brilliance and beauty of science — like life on this Earth, our understanding of the universe is constantly adapting and evolving.(ramanan50.wordpress.com) Either our understanding of Evolution is wrong, or there is some Laws which we can not understand. Cloning. In Cloning, the Oocytes produces a Primordial germ cell (PGC) which undergoes mitosis to form an oogonium. During oogenesis the oogonium becomes a primary oocyte. Now how and under what Laws, the Oocytes produce the PGC is not known. 2.Geometry. How is it we are unable to conceive more shapes than Squares, Rectangles,Circles, and variations of these and no other shapes? 3.Brain. We do not understand many of the activities of the Brain at all.