Karikal Chola Performed Aswamedha Kumhabhisheka

Contrary to the Pseudo Tamil protagonists who thrive by spreading the lie that Tamil was independent of Sanatana Dharma and it was imposed by the Aryans from the North,the early Tamil King Karikal Valavan,the great Chola King built temples,introduced the worship of Indra,calling it the Indra Vizha of which the Silappathikaram speaks highly and performed the Aswamedha Yaga!

Aswamedha A Sexual Orgy Rama’s Mother In Animal Sex ?

The following quote from the Valmiki Ramayana details the first of the two sacrifices that King Dasaratha conducted — the asvamedha yajna, in particular the queen-horse sexual portion of the sacrifice. Although all three of King Dasaratha's wives were united with the carcass of the horse, Rama's mom Kausalya was the one who had the honor of spending a whole night with the dead animal's genitals plugged in her vagina: This was found, quoting the Satapatha Brahmana,Ramayana. Those who know Sanskrit and the Sathapatha Brahmana may contribute on this issue. This is the price Hindus have to pay for not studying their Scriptures, allowing others to insult them.