Mooka Panchasathi Paadaravindha Sathakam Sloka 1 Explanation

One of the great Stotras on Devi Kamakshi ,is Mooka Panchasathi,Mooka’s 500. This stotra was composed by Sri Mooka, who was born Dumb started composing on Devi Kamakshi at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.He later became the Matadhipathi of Sri Kanchi Mutt. I shall be writing in detail about the Acharya

The Mooka Panchasathi is of Five parts. They are.

  1. ஆர்யா சதகம் – Arya Satakam
  2. பாதாரவிந்த சதகம் – Padaravinda Satakam
  3. ஸ்துதி சதகம் – Stuthi Satakam
  4. கடாக்ஷ சதகம் – Kataksha Satakam
  5. மந்தஸ்மித சதகம் – Mandasmitha Satakam.

Āryā meter is a meter used in Sanskrit, Prakrit and Marathi verses. A verse in āryā metre is in four metrical lines called pādas. Unlike the majority of meters employed in classical Sanskrit, the āryā meter is based on the number of mātrās (morae) per pāda. A short syllable counts for one mātrā, and a long syllable (that is, one containing a long vowel, or a short vowel followed by two consonants) counts for two mātrās. In this portion Acharya Mooka extolls the beauty of Devis Names and Forms,as Saguna Brahman.

In the second part,Padadhaaravindha Sadhakam ,He brings forth the benefits and the beauty of Her Divine Feet, The feet that have become blood red because the Sruthi,Vedas keep rubbing Her Feet with their head, ‘ Soumyam Rathnakatastha Raktha Charanaam Dhyaayeth Paraamambikaam – Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Dhyana Sloka 1.

Next comes Stuthi Sathakam.Seers of Sanatana Dharma have suggested three tools for Self Realisation, Saguna Aradhana. Mantra, Yantra and Tantra.I shall be writing a detailed article on this. Stuthis are a part of Mantra,though may not be as powerful as Veda Sukthas: but it is very easy to connect with God/ Reality because of Emotional content,which is the basic principle of Saguna Aradhana.

The fourth is the Kataksha Sathakam. This portion speaks about Her Benevolence through Her Eyes.Kamakshi is one who fulfills one’s Desires through a glance of Her eyes,just as Fishes keep track of their offspring.She grants you the wisdom to choose from Her, the pleasures of senses which bind you to the Eternal Cycle of Births and Deaths of Pure Pure Knowledge. That’s the significance of Her holding both Pushpa Paanaana and Ankusa ( Five Arrows of Flowers and Elephant Goad)

The fifth is Mandhasmitha Sathakam.Mandhasmitha is a special smile where the lips do not open, nor the teeth visible.Eyes Shower compassion to Us ‘ Her children ‘,Inviting us to immerse in Her Grace..

Though not a scholar in Sanskrit, I am impelled to write a commentary on Sri Mookapanchasathi. Readers and scholars may excuse me for any mistakes and I shall be grateful for suggestions. Though it is customary to start from Arya Sathakam, I shall be starting from Padadhaaravindha Sathakam

Paadaravindha Sathakam ,Sloka 1.

Mahimna panthānaṃ madanaparipanthipraṇayini
prabhurnirṇētuṃ tē bhavati yatamānō’pi katamaḥ ।
tathāpi śrīkāñchīvihṛtirasikē kō’pi manasō
vipākastvatpādastutividhiṣu jalpākayati mām ॥1॥

महिम्नः पन्थानं मदनपरिपन्थिप्रणयिनि
प्रभुर्निर्णेतुं ते भवति यतमानोऽपि कतमः |
तथापि श्रीकाञ्चीविहृतिरसिके कोऽपि मनसो
विपाकस्त्वत्पादस्तुतिविधिषु जल्पाकयति माम् ‖1‖

Madana paripandhi Pranayini- The one who is the Life force of The One, who is the Destroyer of Manmadha, the personification of Desires;

Sri Kanchivihruthi Rasike – One who is desirous of enacting Her Divine Attributes in Kanchipuram

The – Your

Mahimna – Greatness , Attributes,

Panthanam- the Path,

Nirnethum – To determine,

Yathamaanaha Aphi – Shall try,yet,

Kathamaha- Who Can,

Prabhu- ( be called as) best among the Qualified?

Bhavathi – Become,

Thathaapi – Even if it be so,

Manasaha- (My) mind,

Kopi Vibhavakaha – an unspecified part of (my mind)

Tvatpaatha Stuthi vidishuhu -( to describe,formulate various processes to praise, beseech Your Feet,

Jalpaakayathi- Makes, Speak ,urges me to express.

Mother,The Life force of the one who has destroyed Manmadha ; You, Who would like to enact your Attributes and Activities for the welfare of the world in Kanchipuram ; There is none who can describe your Attributes. Yet an unspecified part of mind impels me to express myself about Your Glorious Feet.

Detailed explanation in the next article.

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  1. Namaskaram mama. Nice effort & my prayers to GOD to bless you in tis effort.
    Just wanted to ask if u know any good astrologer.
    Very much confused about some things.
    If u can help it wd be a blessing


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