Economic prosperity brings in its own problems.


When one’s income goes up, one gets accustomed to things that were not needed earlier.


To keep up this new style of Living one needs more money.


This results in both husband and wife going to work.


This is what has been happening to Indian Middle class now.

Verify Domestic Help Drivers



Imbibed by the western values, the time tested joint family system broke up and the young couple were/are faced with the problem of taking care of the household chores.


As elders in the family are not living at home, and the fact that the office working schedule of the couple differ, the problem gets compounded.


Now the situation is improving by having elders in the Family t least as a measure of security.


Still the problem of household chores remain.


When a child arrives, the work load increases.


The only option is to go for housemaids, Domestic Help/Cooks/Driver.


One needs help in cleaning the utensils, Diswashers are not a hit in India, bathing the baby, changing the diapers, feeding.


About 50 years back this was not an issue.


People were living in small towns where every one knew every body, one could esily find help.


Now it is tough.


One is the salary level of the domestic help.


As an unskilled labor in Construction Business one is offered between Rs 300 to 400 per day, one has to match the salary.


And if you want the Domestic help to stay at your home, one has to pay more.


More serious is the issue of the character of the Domestic help.


One does not know the antecedents, nor has the resources/time to cross check.


In most cases as the need to find a help is urgent one takes any one with only a cursory check, if at all it is carried out.


This is fraught with danger.

Let me recall a real life incident at Chennai a year ago.

A couple, both of them employed, engaged the services of a domestic help to take care of the child of about three years.

The mother used to return home around six thirty pm while the father by 9 pm.

Everything went on fine.

For a while.

The mother noticed that the child was not normal and was not coming to her.

And the child was sleeping or being indifferent when parents were around.

It was not eating properly.

The parents went to a doctor.

He could not find anything wrong with the child and was puzzled.

Then one day the mother returned home around 4 pm instead of 6 .

She found the maid watching TV in the hall, sitting in the sofa.

The child was nowhere around and the maid could not explain the absence the child.

Then by about 4. 30 a man came with the sleeping child, looking for maid.

On interrogation, he explained that he used to take the child by 10 am and return the child by 4 pm.

The child, after being drugged was sent out with a woman carrying the child on her shoulder to beg in the traffic signals.

The domestic help was being paid Rs 200 per day!

A case was filed and it blew the lid of a rackect in using child to beg.

However this continues even now.

The point I am trying to make is that if we do not know the antecedents of the domestic help, we  are exposed  to danger.

The safest procedure is to check the antecedents of the Domestic help by the Police.

Police have been exhorting people in this regard.

However many fail to do this because of urgency and laziness.


And this happens when we employ a driver too, albeit the problem is likely to be of burgling the house or in rare cases of murder for gain.

And elderly people are the potential victims

Now there is an organisation which does the checking.


The organisation does the check ,provide references for Cooks/Maids/domestic Help/Drivers,

Check the site for more information.


  • Police Clearance Check (PCC) Done for all deployed drivers.
  • Complete set of fingerprints, Photographs and other details are maintained in our servers.
  • RTO verification of all Driver licenses to prevent license fraud.
  • Complete background Verification of Individuals with Reference checks are Done.
  • Reference of one/two Previous employers kept in our database”


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