Geo Physicist rejects Global Warming Theory.He is Right.

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The subject of Global warming is mired in abstruse analysis ansd interpretation.

There have been cries of Global Warming and the reason cited is Carbon Emission.

Rise in temperatures have been attributed to increased CO2 levels.

This Theory has two parts.

1.There has been a rise in Global temperature.

2.CO2 is the cause for rise in temperature.

Let’s see what this is all about.

Two authorities provide us with analysis of long-term surface temperature trends. Both agree on the global temperature trend until 1998, at which time a sharp divergence occurred. The UK Meteorological Office‘s Hadley Center for Climate Studies Had-Crut datashows worldwide temperatures declining since 1998. According to Hadley’s data, the earth is not much warmer now than it was than it was in 1878 or 1941.

By contrast, NASA data shows worldwide temperatures increasing at a record pace – and nearly a full degree warmer than 1880.

The other two widely used global temperature data sources are from earth-orbiting satellitesUAH (University of Alabama at Huntsville) and RSS (Remote Sensing Systems.) Both show decreasing temperatures over the last decade, with present temperatures barely above the 30 year average.

How can scientists who report measurements of the earth’s temperature within one one-hundredth of a degree be unable to concur if the temperature is going up or down over a ten year period? Something appears to be inconsistent with the NASA data – but what is it?

One clue we can see is that NASA has been reworking recent temperatures upwards and older temperatures downwards – which creates a greater slope and the appearance of warming. Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre has been tracking the changes closely on hisClimate Audit site, and reports that NASA is Rewriting History, Time and Time Again. The recent changes can be seen by comparing the NASA 1999 and 2007 US temperature graphs. Below is the 1999 version, and below that is the reworked 2007 version.

Look at this .

The base chart tracks Total Public and Private US Debt as a percentage of GDP (black line) from 1870 through 2009. Notice how it slowly increases from 1880 to 1930 and then peaks sharply in the early 1930′s, declines through the 1950′s and then rises steadily through 2009.

NASA GISS data for the US Annual 5 year Mean Temperature Anomaly from 1880 to the present is superimposed (red line), and fits remarkably well. It is a bit noisier, but it too increases from 1880 to 1930 and then peaks sharply in the early 1930′s. It then declines through 1970, and then rises steadily through 2010.

One conclusion is that NASA  might have erred in Statistical analysis or the Thermometers have been wrong.

It is not probable that all the thermometers had gone wrong simultaneously.

(Again arriving at a Global Mean Temperature sounds rather funny. Can you take Greenland temperature and Tropical temperature and arrive at a mean?Scientists give convoluted explanation for this;but to me it does not look common sense at all . Again, who kept records of Global temperatures in the 19th Century?)

And if CO2 is responsible for raise in temperature,why it did not cause  raise  in temperature  from 1940-1970?

The fact  is that Global warming is an unwanted Scare perpetrated by a Group for reasons well-known to them.

Facts do not confirm global warming.

MEXICO CITY, February 18, 2011 ( – An eminent Mexican geophysicist says that despite predictions of global warming based on computer models, the world may be on the verge of an eighty-year cold period similar to the “little ice age” experienced by Europe from 1300 to 1800 A.D..

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