How To Find Siddha Amirtha Marana Yoga

Hindus, in determining auspicious time, take into account, apart from Day,Stars,Thithis(waxing and waning of the Moon),Yoga Karana.

These five, Day, Star, Thithi,Yoga( not the Yoga of Patanjali, here Yoga indicates auspicious/conducive period) and Karana form the basis of Hindu Almanac, called Panchanga(Five limbs)

Apart from the inauspicious time of each day,Rahu Kalam and Yama Kanda(some do not take Yama Kanda as inauspicious as this time being inauspicious for Yama the God of death, and by reverse Logic is auspicious for the Living)

Not much is known about Yogas, Siddha ,Amirth and Marana.

It would help one to read about Time calculation of the Hindus,