Madurai 155 Trillion Years Old? Puzzling Evidence.

Based on Tectonic shift, Archeology and related evidence Ihad ,earlier,arrived at  a figure of 230 million years for Lemuria of which Madurai was a part. It was Then Madurai then. Because of tectonic shift, it had moved to it's present location. The present information in this article is Mind blogging. It is easy to dispose it off as Non sense.

Madagascar In Super Continent Nat Geo Confirms Ramayana?

Now consider the latest finding about a micro continent in the Indian Ocean from National Geographic.

This opens the possibility of what has been said in the Ramayana and the Puaranas about the land mass to be true and that the events were not a figment of imagination

India Was Near North Pole Rodinia Continent Vedas In Arctic

As I wrote articles on the spread of Sanatana Dharma spread throughout India, I had a nagging doubt about the spread of it throughout the world form the eastern and western borders of India as the distance was too much and the evidence that the Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic, Baikal was Vaikanasa Theertha, Krishna's son built a city, Por Baijn, in Russia, Rig Vedic Mandal City, Siberians pray to the Ayur Deavatas of Hinduism....

There is a lot more... like Nazca Lines of Peru resembling the Trishul of Shiva, Sugreevas description of the world and Shiva's Travel throughout the world...

Considering that most of the remains of Sanatana Dharma is found in Russia and that Manu ancestor of Lord Rama performed penance in the Mascarene Plateau near Madagascar, I wondered if here was any link between all these, especially in respect of Geology.

Every one knows that the tectonic plates move and continents drift.

Manu Meditated Malayamarutha Near Madagascar?

Note the Kumari Mountain , indicated by an arrow in the First Image, and it starts from what is the presently known as the Western Ghats and extends to Madagascar, where the Mascarene plateau lay in ancient times.

Since Satyavrata Manu was meditating on t a higher plane because of the great flood, the Mascarene plateau fits.

As He is reported to have meditated in Malayamarutha, I am of the opinion that the Malayamarutha lay somewhere in Mascarene plateau..

Rama’s Ancestor Manu Dravida, Bhagavatha Purana

That saintly king and ruler (king) of the Dravida Countries who was known by the name of Satyavrata, at the end of the last kalpa (before the Pralaya) .. received knowledge by service to The Purusha, he indeed was Vaivaswata Manu, the son of Vivaswan, his sons have been proclaimed as the kings, famous as the Ikshvakus.