Athmalinga In Body Sadhasiva Pranava Form Thirumandhiram

As Nirguna Siva is expressed as Pathi and He manifests in Human Body too.Siva remains as Sound, Nadha Brahma Pranava As Brahman. This is Subtle.This is experienced by chanting of Pranava OM.Si VA ya can also be chanted but

Murugan Teaches Shiva Pranava Veda Swamymalai

Because Kaarthikeya, called Murugan in Tamil,taught the precept of the Veda to Shiva, Guru of Gurus, a realized souls Brahmin, Murugan, meaning most beautiful, came to be known as Subrahmanya, The best among Brahmins, those who realized brahman, the Reality.

Chanted OM Produces Sri Yantra in Tonoscope

I have,in a post on Paranormal, narrated my experience, during my college days, as to how the various Gayatri Mantras ,when intoned properly, produced the corresponding God's Image in a TV Monitor...
This sound gas three letters.




Jana Sankalani Tantra,Secrets of Pranava OM

In tantric meditation, inner bliss can be obtained by arousing energy latent in humankind, and uniting it with Shiva. Tantra uplifts consciousness in order to embrace the cosmic spirit.

Aspects of divinity Shiva and Shakti, play creates the entire universe.

What To Chant In Yoga How Patanjali Sutra 27, 28

Chanting of a Holy Name increases the efficacy of Meditation in Yoga.

The more senses the senses are involved better the concentration would be.

There is one-act when all the senses are focussed on a single activity.

It is sex.

It is instinctive.

In other activities, one has to attempt to focus the senses .

In Meditation, eyes are focussed on the tip of the nose(Bhagavad Gita), later the eyes may remain closed.

Along with this', during Pranayama, breathing enables the focussing of the function of the Nose.

Now three more senses, namely the whole body, mouth and ear remain to be focussed .

Ears and Mouth can be made to focus by chanting.

Rars are attuned to the our voice automatically.

Once our voice is heard the Mind is directed towards it.

Panjali proses Chanting.

Chanting means, in its real sens in Indian Philosophy, a sound which has profound psychological and universal attribute.

The fundamental unit of sound in speech is Letters.

Letters raise from three parts of the Human Body.