Longest Palindrome 44 Lines Tamil Sambhandhar Poem Maalaimaatru

This Palindrome Poem is in the form of a pathikam of Eleven .Number of lines in this poem is 44. This is a Palindrome.That is, if you read it backwards, it would be the same as it would, forwards.Both make exquisite sense.And the poem is like a garland . You start from where you end. It is called Maalai Maatru. That is changing garland, yet part of one. The ceremony is followed in South Indian Hindu marriages

Read Straight Rama Story Reverse Palindrome Ramakrishna Vilomakavyam

There are Sanskrit slokas which convey both the Stories of Rama and Krishna in a Single verse, in A Palindrome Format.

You read straight, you get Ramayana.

Read it in the reverse order, Krishna's Life Story.

I am providing below the Raghava Yadaviyam by Venkathdhvari

Sanskrit Poem Draws A Wheel Sisupala Vadha

That Sanskrit is among the greatest of Languages, needs no explanation for people who know at least couple of languages besides Sanskrit .

Verbal Gymnastics, two languages I know, can do effectively, one Sanskrit and another Tamil.

See Sanskrit drawing a wheel by a Verse.