¬†Lemuria The Home of Tamils My Tedtalk at Coimbatore.

As the time allotted was 13 minutes, I had to prepare notes and it was a novel and nerve racking experience for me to take notes and rehearse at 1.30 am(?), with two people with Timers. It is a different matter that I did not follow the prepared text to the letter in thecTalk,though I was  informed stuck to points and ppt thrown up on the screen.

Tamraparni River Flowed in Lemuria

Tamraparni is referred to in Tamil Classic Kalithogai and Sanskrit texts. Tamraparani,aka Thammabanni in Pali flowed into Sri Lanka and Vijaya,the first King of Lanka was from Tamils. The river flowed into Sri Lanka

Lemuria Size 34 Million Square Miles Details Evidence

Lemuria was located to the south of Kanyakumari, and covered an area of 700 kavatam, staes Nakkerar in his commentry of Iraiynar Agapporul. Irayanar refers to Lord Shiva. This work belongs to Sangam Era of Tamil and is lost ans known by its reference to it in the later Tamil works. The distance from Kanykumari to Zealand is 11.204 Km....In miles it is 7002. One Kavatam is equivalent to 10 Miles and seven Hundred Kavatam is 7000 Miles . Lemuria extended from North to South from Kanykumari to new Zealand, 7000 Miles! From the East to West.

Bhagavatha Skanda Purana Identify Kumari Kandam

Aindram a Grammatical work of the early Tamils was destroyed. This might be from the land mass Aindra. Tamraparnam might mean the early Tamisl 47 Kingdoms. River Tamraparni still flows in Thirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu. This river lowed, in earlier times to further south and joined the sea in Kumarikndam as the now defunct ancient River Pahruli.

Rama Atlantis War Kavatam Periplus Port Window Of Lemuria

The Atlantis people' sealing the Lemurians' probably means the Mascarene plateau. Lemuria existed south of this plateau, which was consumed by the sea about 6000 years ago. The surfacing of Rama dynasty may indicate the fact that Satyavrata Manu ancestor of Rama had migrated to Ayodhya(whose son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku Dynasty) and the subsequent emergence of Lord Rama and His Kingdom. One may note that the Ramayana and the Puranas call the Tamil areas as Dravida, meaning South, Dasyu, meaning who do not follow all the percepts of Sanatana Dharma( though they were practicing Sanatana Dharma they were not Fire (Agni) worshipers),and Viswamitra banished his sons to the south directing them to go to the Dasyu Land.