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  • Time Traveller  From 2671 Predicts Weird 2023 Videos

    Time Traveller From 2671 Predicts Weird 2023 Videos

    Furthermore, the TikToker claims that in 2024, a 35,000-year-old bunker will be discovered in Argentina. Inside the bunker, the user alleges that there will be hidden codes, ancient technology, and information about ancient times.

  • Ghost Hand In Self Photo Essay

    A woman has noticed a hand, which was neither hers nor the child’s in a Photo taken by her. Rationalists or the self-important scientists dismiss this as the mechanism of the brain to look for patterns and brushed it aside. To me, the photo appears to be genuine, unless it has been Photoshopped. To the…

  • Blogs Influential Than Tweets, Study-Naturally

    A Study reveals that Blogs are more influential tha Tweets and Social Media. I understand that. I am of the view that blogs are more detailed, reasoned and informative than Tweets. Tweets are generally your opinion or impressions to a story or News. Here you do not the luxury of reasoning out your views. Tweets…

  • Selected Flickr Images Photo Eassy.

    Some popular Images from Flickr.

  • Facebook Slipping, ComScore,Alexa.com Studies

    Look at another study by Alexa.com. Page view and Page view /viewer is also dropping marginally. Bounce rate is down by 4% http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/facebook.com# Search analytic also show a marginal drop. Traffic rank for facebook.com: Traffic Rank Change Yesterday 1 -1 7 day 2 0 1 month 2 0 3 month 2 0 “Facebook’s U.S. user numbers dwindled in May from…