The Definition Of Brahmin,Duties.

This is in continuation of my earlier posts on Caste.

I had explained how the word caste is not of Indian origin and the fact that these concepts are not be found anywhere in the Religious or philosophical texts of the Indians.

Also how Gandhi muddled the waters by inventing a new term Harijans to segregate them by another name.

Ambedkar tried in vain to prove that Untouchability began with the yard stick of Cow eating and meat-eating.

As indicated earlier, the Society was organised on the basis of dispositions and tendencies, both genetic and shaped by the environment.

Basically , on the basis of the three Gunas and their interplay,Sathva, Raja and Tamas, three tendencies and dispositions were noted.

The calm, knowledgeable and ascetic and selfless-Sathva

Active’ Go-getters, protectors, emotional and Compassionate at the same time-Rajas.

Dull, Mentally not sharp,lacking in initiative, can do a job assigned,Indifferent, bordering on Amoral,Tamas.

All the three qualities are present in every man and these keep on changing in the individual every minute and one has to strive to keep the right balance.

Based on the predominant disposition observed for a reasonable period of Time the Society was grouped as under.

The Brahmanas.

The real word denotes’ one who has realized Brahman, The Reality”

Later this was used to denote a group that practiced Compassion, selfless service and was knowledgeable.

They were entrusted with the responsibility of teaching the Community of Value systems and pray for All.

They were not paid.

The Society took care of them in kind, grains. cloth,shelter, land by the Kings.

Those who have these characteristics are Brahmanas , not every one who calls him self a Brahmana..

Brahmins were not expected to save, nor hod properties of their own,.

This sloka tells us who a Brahmin is.

“Adhyaapanam Adhyayanam

Yajanam Yaajanam Tathaa

Daanam Pratigraham Chaiva


Adyayanam-Pracctice of reciting the Vedas, with meaning.

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