Multi-Verses In Purusha Sukta 2

At the individual level it is called Avidya or Ignorance and at the Cosmic level it is Called Maya. Awareness, the fundamental of Knowledge is removal of Ignorance , not acquisition of any thing new or from outside. This Maya will be explained later in the Vedas and Purans as the Attribute of Vishnu. The concept of Mortality , as Knowledge is,a Negative one. The absence of Immortality is Mortality is Mortality according to Hinduism for Immortality is permanent. The Reality which is called Purusha is immanent in all these and yet goes beyond them.

You Are ,Live in An Illusion Videos

Then what happened to our thoughts which we had a few seconds earlier and the thought s of our earlier days , which are Pure energy? Where are they? In Quantum Theory things , events operate at a different Plane , not necessarily following the Laws of our Physics. The Space Time Dimensions vary. In the final analysis, we can not prove or understand Reality but we Fee It Isl, which I think is Right as in Life, and can experience It. The Attribute of this is Being,Consciousness and Bliss-Sat, Chit, Anandam

What do you see?

NBC NewsChannel) MIAMI, FL-- A Miami couple says an image of the Virgin Mary has been in their garage for years and they didn't even know it. Frank Salazar and his fiancée recently discovered the image on a dresser that they bought at a garage sale three years ago. WHAT DOES THE IMAGE LOOK LIKE … Continue reading What do you see?