Arabia Land Of Liquor From Dates,Ramayana

I had written on the Kingdom of Rama and how it encompassed the world. Also how he fought against the Atlanteans. There are references in the Ramayana about the various Kingdoms where people belonging to Sanatana Dharma resided and some who did not subscribe to the Sanatana dharma and were called Milechas. There were also … Continue reading Arabia Land Of Liquor From Dates,Ramayana

Vedic Practices In Kaaba Islam

Anga suddhi. Purification of the parts of the Body. Muslims are enjoined cleanliness of five parts of the body before commencing prayers. This derives from the Vedic injuction 'Shareer Shydhyartham Panchanga Nyasah' 7.Etymological similarities. Kaaba temple from Kabaaleeswara( Shiva)

Manu Founder Of Oman Magan Civilization? 2000 BC

Hindu God Rama, His Father Dasaratha and brother Bharata are found in Sumerian Kings List.

The term Magan means Son in Tamil.

Ranajit Pal holds that Oman and part of Iran was Magan. In his view king Manium of Magan who, according to Poebel, was also known as Mannu, was the famed Manu, the first sacrificer in the Indian sacred text Rigveda. The name Oman may, in fact, be a memory of Ooumi Manu, one of the several Manus. Pal also states that Magan is the ancient Magadha of the Indian texts. The Indian texts name the Sishunaga and Kakavarna kings of Magadha

Saudi Arabia Vedic, Vikramaditya’s Kingdom

Now it seems that Saudi Arabia is also on this list.

Nothing seems to be there that was before the advent of Islam.

Arabs are described even today as uncouth, use flowery language,indecisive and are generally unreliable.

As if to compensate this patronizingly it is stated that they are very hospitable. that's all.

Please read any book that has a Middle East Character,including the much acclaimed 'Oh!Jerusalem'

People of Saudi Arabia seem to know nothing about their History sans the ones relating to Islam or during the Crusades!

They have taken to the description of their ancestors having been labelled a Nomads!

I have read some information on this subject and am sharing it here.

Seems to me that this tallies with the kingdoms and Land Mass describe din Hindu Purans.


Arabia is an abbreviation. The original word even today is Arbasthan. It originates in Arvasthan. As observed earlier Sanskrit "V" changes into "B". Arva in Sanskrit means a horse. Arvasthan signifies a land of horses, and as we all know Arabia is famous for its horses.

In the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. a wave of effecting a complete break with the past spread over West Asia. All links with the past were broken, images smashed, scriptures destroyed, education discontinued and the entire West Asian region took a plunge in abysmal ignorance which lasted for centuries thereafter