God As Mother

As I have been mentioning in my posts, Hinduism relates to God in a very personal way, though The Vedas declare that The Reality .is Formless, Attribute-less’

Yet Worship of  Personal God(Iswara) is encouraged as it disciplines the mind to shed off its encumbrances.

And Hindus relate to God in  very intimately.

God is seen as Mother, Father,Lover,Child, Preceptor and Friend.

As there are many individuals , all of them being unique, so are their dispositions.

You feel close to your father, Mother, Lover or friend.

You relate to God at that level.


Goddess Lalitha
Goddess Lalitha

Who can replace Mother?

One who suffered, at the time of pregnancy, forsakse her pleasures for us,

Gave us her food,

Never slept when we were awake or asleep,

Made us eat when she had nothing to eat,

Weathered the storms of Life,

Suffered when we were in Pain,

Never left us even as we kick her around,

We remain  her infants even when we become grand parents,

Would we ever replace her?

Having Borne (me) for ten months braving all discomforts, happy at having
begotten (me) taking me in both her arms and giving her precious breastfeed, such a
one will I ever see in any other birth?
2. Having borne me for 300 days after doing penance to Lord Shiva day and night, can
I apply fire to such a mother?
3. Fondling me on the cot in her lap, on her person with love, protecting me always,
how can I light the pyre to such a mother?
4. Having Borne (me) bearing the pain at delivery and giving me her milk cheerfully
day and night protecting me, how can I apply fire to such a body?
5. How can I, instead of getting happy with rich offerings to her, offer rice to the
mouth which lovingly called me as honey, nectar, fragrant flower etc.?
6. After showering rice on mother’s head how can I place the burning ember on it
without flinching , which lovingly kissed me, calling me endearingly “my son”.
7. The earliest fire lit was to Tripura, the next one was in Lanka, and third was the
spark lit in the mother’s womb, let the fire lit by me now be over.
8. Alas! The hand that fondled me is now being roasted in fire. What a cruel sinner I
9. O Lord of “Shonagiri”, has she been burnt and taken refuge at Your Feet, one who
did penance to you ‘day and night’ to beget me?
10.Mother was alive yesterday at home or in the street, today she is consumed by fire
and has become ashes. Come ye, one and all without hesitation, to sprinkle milk.
Every thing in the world is Shiva’s Form (Shiva Mayam). – Pattinathar

That’s Mother.

Can there be anything more natural than identifying God as Mother?

When we can say thus about a Human Mother, what can we say about the Mother who gives Birth to the Universe?

She is the One who creates The Universe within a fraction of batting of an eyelid.

‘Unmesha nimishodhpanna Vibanna Bhunavali” lailitha Sahasranama.

She reaches to you even as you disown Her.

When your Mother leaves you, she reaches out to you as she did for Gnana Sambandar whom she gave her Milk, which she didd not to her son, Lord Subramanya!

Lord Siva reached out to a woman in Labor when she called out to Him !

Lord Subramanya called out to Avvaiyar, a Tamil Saint ‘Mother’.

Lord Vishnu made ‘Vakula Devi, as his Foster Mother(In Lord Balaji of Tirupati Avatar) for he wanted to repay the debt of having been brought up by Deakai in Krishnavatara.

He was both a Mother  and Father to Dhruva.

Lord Siva is called  Muniye Mukknnappa( Yogi ,My Father with the Third Eye)

The Great Kalidasa calls Kali as ‘Matha, marakathasyama’ in Shymala Dandakam.

Lalitha Sahasranama starts with ‘Sri Matha

Abirami Bhattar calls her mother in His Abirami Andhadhi.

Such is his devotion to Lord Abirami as His mother,

He calls her as ‘ My father’s wife’சுந்தரி எந்தை துணைவி ‘

Father is difficult to approach.

As children we approach our Mother to intercede on our behalf for getting any thing done.

Sri Vaishanavas call Lakshmi as ‘Thayaar’ , Mother. as they are convinced it is She who can represent us to Him.

Abirami Bhattar leaves evry thing to her saying,

‘ I have given everything to you, even if I were to be stranded in the midst of an Ocean to see me ashore is Yours”

If one were to have such Faith?

Listen to Abirami Andhadi by Sirkazhi here.




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