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Annadurai On Ayudha Puja ,My Reply Video.

Please find a Video of C.N.Annadurai’s Speech on Navaratri and Ayudha Puja.

His gist is that the inventors of the Technological Tools did not worship gods nor did they perform Navaratri and Ayudha Puja.

Earlier Tamil Kings like Sibi did not enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

Why should you Tamils worship?

The language is sarcastic and completely derogatory.

The inventors including Newton,Einstein were all believers in God and staunch believers.

Please read my blog on Einstein.

But then , who are these jokers?

They are not intellectually equal to ‘Perarignar'(Great Wiseman) CN Annadurai who is BA(honors) and MA(Economics and Politics)!

Anna knows that zero was not invented by the Believers,nor did they develop a highly evolved scientific system of Astronomy,Mathematics,Medicine,Surgery,Great Literature.

To suit political convenience these chameleons change colors, changing stance from Separate State to views On God.

As I have remarked elsewhere,Anna is a Holy Cow who is not be commented in Tamil Nadu.

These are the people whose relatives visit the Temples and observe  Birth Days, Death Days and pray before Dead Leaders with flowers.

I expect virulent comments.

As it is my nick name in Tamil web is Bangalore Parppana Nai(Bangalore Brahmin Dog)

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  1. Was Einstein a believer of God??? Nonsense! Just giving misinformations on the go.

    He tagged himself as an “Agnostic Atheist”. He is not a believer of religious Gods.


  2. with due respects; no ill feelings; USA is considered to be one of the most scientifcally advanced countries in the world; so many inventions; so many patents; still it is boldly written in their currency note: “IN GOD WE TRUST”; should i not learn to be more humble!


    • As for as Anna and DMk are concerned what is US?
      Can they compete with Periyar and Periyarism?
      We do not see God, but Periyar and Anna are living Gods.
      They will appear in dreams to people whenever it suits them!


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