Melkote Western Fortress of Vaishnavism

This temple was the abode of Sri Ramanujacharya,who espoused the Qualified Non Dualism, Visishta Advaitha,Visishtadvaida,. He had to flee from the Chola kingdom, Sri Rangam due to persecution from the king and some Vaishnavas and Shaivas. One may add here that there no mention of Shaivas and Vaishnavas in the Vedas, and as such, in my opinion,the difference between them, to say the least,is not what Vedas say.

Karunanidhi To Write On Ramanujacharya

Sita stayed in Ravana's custody for 10 months, what is the guarantee for her chastity? ( This noble thought was by Perarignar(?) Annadurai in his Book Kambarasam)

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What Is Swayam Acharya Of Sri Vainshnavam

Iswara means personal God , that's all. Now to Swayam Acharya. Later when many Devathas were being worshiped, to distinguish those who worship Vishnu, the term Vaishnava was coined. As Vishnu is to be worshiped always along with Lakshmi, Sri, has been added. Thus was born the term Sri Vaishnava. Swayam Acharya means one who is an Acharya to himself. In the earlier days, when Brahmins were following all the duties of a Brahmin, including Agnihotra, the tradition was handed over to the son. Thus the father becomes the first Acharya. In Upanayana, the Gayathri is first taught by the father. In all cases Father is the first Acharya. Sruthi says Pitru devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava in this context. "Swayam Acharya sampradayam: In olden days, all the Vaishvaites were very orthodox, performing daily Agni Hothram in their houses. Therefore the father of the family himself was the Acharyan for the members

No Advaita Visishtadvaita in Vedas Why

If one studies, not merely reads, the Veda, one will know that there is no specific school of thought or 'ism' One will find worship of nature in its Glory, starting from Water,(Mantra Pushpam),Fire 9Agni Suktham,Rige Veda),Earth(Bhoomi Suktham) On Time, Rathri Suktham,Kala Suktham,Ushas Suktham, On Indivudual forces of nature, Surya Suktham, On Values, Samanasasya Suktham. On Gods, Vishnu Suktham, Sree Suktham, Durga Suktham. On the world and on Monotheistic approach, Purusha Suktham, Narayana Sukham There is no specific system of worship or specific God promote as it were. Why?