Aarushi Murder Tehelka In Defence of Talwars

2.That they have not been allowed to cross-examine 13 witnesses, when after the case is over in the first instance and in the second after a thorough examination of witnesses, some 39 of them.

If one keeps on asking for witnesses as an afterthought after the case is over , or even closed. when will a trial end?.

3.Insinuation by a Journalist ,As Avirook Sen, a journalist who has been attending the trial regularly, writing sharp reports for the Mumbai Mirror, says, “According to me, the CBI never intended to go for a trial. But when a trial was ordered, they just had to extemporise the evidence along the way. Now, with each passing day in court, they are getting more and more invested in their own story.’

Is no ground for acquittal.

4.Why there are no answers for some questions I have raised?On Feb 10,2011.

Why don’t you answer the following questions?

Why do you communicate with your daughter through email when she is in the next room?

How was the evidence dressed up?

Why Aarushi’s cuts bore the precision of a Surgeon?

Why was the doctor asked not to report rape?