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Kailash Shiva Romania Iraq Interconnected Underground Tunnels

The present findings talk about a mountain find dating back to 50,000 years, where location was found, which was blocked by mysterious energy.

On entering this field , with great difficulty, it is found to have rooms with tables.

While some of them analyse your DNA others dealt with the History of the Cosmos, scientific concepts, Aliens, medicine, most of which we are unable to decipher.

One could see every thing in a Hologram in the room!

I shall not comment on this and would urge you to read straight.

Thousands Of Shiva Lingas In Sirsi Karnataka Riverbed

Were Ganesha, Murugan and Shiva Human Beings’ later elevated to Godhood?

or were they Aliens who came down to the Earth?

Considering the fact that the Vedas advocate formless worship and the development of Thoughts on God only as a means of Self Realization,the Reality Brahman being an abstract principle, there is scope for more research on this subject.

There are also reports, very credible of course, of underground tunnels in various parts of the world, all interlinked.

Jatadhara Shiva Mount Kailash Face Underground Tunnels

There is a Holographic Room in the underground Chamber and it contains ancient historical manuscripts.

I shall be writing on this in detail.

In the mean while I was curious about the name Jatadhara, describing Lord Shiva.

Jatadhara means one with matted locks.

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