Gandhari Curse To Shakuni Afghanistan ?

Krishna pays a left handed compliment to Sakuni when Krishna went to Duryodhana's court, before Mahabharata war, to avert it.Krishna even calls Sakuni as Maama,Uncle, saying that they are partners in the scheme of things. Only that Sakuni did not realise that.

Vishnu Cut Sowed Kuru, Kurukshetra

The Epic War of Mahabharata was fought,

Where Bhishma was pierced b the Arrows of Arjuna and had laid down awaiting Uttarayana,


Which was addressed by Dhritharashtra with the adjective, Dharmakshetre, Land of Righteousness.

It is in the Haryana, meaning, Vishnu Came her, Hai ka Aana.

The legend.

Bhagavad Gita Sloka 1 “Dharma Kshetre” 1

'Dhritaraashtra Uvaacha: Dharmakshetre kurukshetre samavetaa yuyutsavah; Maamakaah paandavaashchaiva kimakurvata sanjaya.' - 1.1 Dhritarashtra Said. Sanjaya-Oh! Sanjaya Dharma Kshtre- in the Holy place of Dharma Kurukshetre-Kurukhetra Samaveda-all assembled with one intent yuyuthsuvah-(of) fighting with each other mamakah-mine Panadava cha eva-even Pandu's sons Kim-what Atharvatha-did they do? Dhritarashtra said' Sanjaya! At the Dhrama Bhoomi(place of Righteousness) Kurukshetra, … Continue reading Bhagavad Gita Sloka 1 “Dharma Kshetre” 1

Did Sanjaya See and Report Mahabharata War Live?

If people take as History that

Jesus lived and preached, The Old Testament based on a Book compiled by a Conclave of Cardinals assembled by King Constantine afer

three hundred years of the death of Christ,

Ocean parted,

Mohammed ascended to Heaven,guided by an Angel, directed by God to look at the Rules embedded in a rock(as though God can not remember),

I believe the Mahabharata and the Ramayana to be true as

The city of Hastinapur , and Dwaraka are found,

Kurukshetra and other descriptions of the places mentioned are correct on date, especially Kurukshetra is found to be slightly tilted as explained in the Puranas,

The birth date of Rama and his ascension to throne are verified and proved.

As also his travel routes-refer my posts on these and Dwaraka .