Concentrated Radiation from Japan heading to US-Video.

One does not know what to believe. By the way, any body monitoring radiation levels in India? Related: Comparison of Censored and Uncensored information on Radiation Video. Fortunately, the map is a hoax, according to the real Australian Radiation Services, which has put a disclaimer on its website letting readers know it had nothing to do with … Continue reading Concentrated Radiation from Japan heading to US-Video.

Japan nuclear crisis – live updates,Video.

    March 16,20111750. 1.58pm: James Randerson has sent through some more interesting nuclear context, from the UK's Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He particularly highlights this snippet: A concern for the people not just of Japan but the Pan Pacific area is whether Fukushima will turn into the next Chernobyl with radiation spread over a big … Continue reading Japan nuclear crisis – live updates,Video.

Third Nuclear Blast, Japan-Videos.

The blast occurred at reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which engineers had been trying to stabilise after two other reactors exploded. The protective chamber around the radioactive core of reactor 2 has been damaged and radiation levels near the plant have risen, officials say. The crisis was sparked by a 9.0-magnitude quake and … Continue reading Third Nuclear Blast, Japan-Videos.

Nuclear Meltdown and its Effects.Video.

A nuclear meltdown is an informal term for a severe nuclear reactor accident that results in core damage from overheating. The term is not officially defined by theInternational Atomic Energy Agency[1] or by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.[2] A meltdown occurs when a severe failure of a nuclear power plant system prevents proper cooling of the reactor core, to … Continue reading Nuclear Meltdown and its Effects.Video.