Speed Of Light =Gravity=Infinity = 0 = Science?

Therefore Infinity is equal to Zero.

Speed of Light is Infinite.

Therefore, Speed of Light is equal to Zero.

I am aware of the Logical Fallacy of undistributed Middle is present in my argument.

So do the Scientist theories!

We take Science because it is convenient.

We do not question it.

Then why not God?

Number Eight Unreachable?

The concept of Numbers in Hinduism is unique.

For them, Infinity is a Positive Concept as Darkness.

The absence of Infinity is Finite and the absence of Darkness is Light

The take things, as it were, as they are in their State.

So is their concepts of Numbers.

In Tamil, a Classical Language of India, over 5000 years old, equal to Sanskrit in Grandeur, Literature Philosophy , has a Word,’எட்டு ‘ for Number Eight and for’ Reach’

There are expressions ‘ettipparithal, jumping and fetching’

‘Ettak kani’ fruit that can not be got at.’

‘Ettaadhu’, can not be attained.

Hinduism has special attributes for Numbers.

One-Reality One.

Two-Purusha and Prakriti.

Three, the three Nature of Man, Sathva,Rajas, Tamas, Three Energies, Potential, Kinetic and Potentio-kinetic(Srushti,Stihthi,Samhaara)

Four,The aspects or goals of Life, Purushaarthaas,Righteousness(Dharma), Artha(Wealth,) Desire (Kama) and Moksha(The Liberated State)

Number Five, Five sense organs, Five Elements(Pancha Bhutas),Pancha tanmatras(subtle elements)

Six, six tastes.

Seven, Seven Notes of Music.

Eight, Eight special Powers of Yoga.

Beyond this nine becomes the number of the Nine planets.

They belong, not to the earth, hence beyond us.

The come the two digits.

Reaching Eight needs practice and is difficult to attain, Ashtamaa Siddhis.

What a thought process and what a language!